Arrow 1×08 – Vendetta

"Thank you for the coffee and the sex but I'm not interested."


Supremely underwhelming. While I appreciate the episode’s ambition, I don’t think it’s a very successful episode of of Arrow.

It’s funny how I found Jessica De Gouw impressive last week, because she was atrocious here. I don’t know if it’s her acting, the lines, or a combination of both but I’m glad we’re done with The Huntress for now. The entire arc with Oliver was much too rushed and unconvincing. Wouldn’t it have been much more effective to build up her relationship with Ollie over the course of a couple of episodes instead of melodramatically fracturing it after one failed dinner? I just don’t get why they sped through an arc that could have been quite satisfying on a long-term scale. Even Stephen Amell seemed uncomfortable in this, missing a couple of emotional beats that should have been much more impactful.

Bits & Arrows

– Handstand pushups: insane. Stephen Amell sure is earning his paycheck.

– Fun scene with Olie, Helena and the bow & arrow.

– I want to know why writers think the “you have failed this city” line is so smart. It’s cheesy and just plain horrible. The dialogue on this show really needs some work.

– Moira has her own invisible notebook? Hmm.

– The awkward double date while forced, was probably the highlight of the hour. It was well played by the gang.

– So where’s Tommy’s dad now?

– The episode’s much-too-short fight scenes were choppily edited. A pity.

– I’m glad Walter is on his way to discovering even more secrets. I wish he was more entertaining.

– Seriously why do they even bother with Kelly Hu as China White? It’s not like she ever does anything worthwhile.

– Diggle’s sudden post-breakup speech to Ollie felt really out of place after he had judged him for taking in Helena.

Starling Quips

Oliver: I’m giving up a lot so I thought maybe the universe owed me one.

Oliver: Helena you’re on an island too.

With weak dialogue and contrived developments, this is the show’s weakest episode in a while.

 Nad Rating

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