Nikita 3×06 – Sideswipe

"Makes running a little bit ouch."


Oh my. All bets are off this season and it’s absolutely magnificent.

I can’t say enough good things about Amanda as this season’s primary antagonist. There’s a wonderful symmetry between her and Nikita, two powerful and driven women who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. The fact that Amanda wants to “teach” Nikita so and make her suffer is an excellent momentum booster for the season and really escalates the stakes in a terrifying manner.

I don’t think anyone was all that surprised with Sonya being revealed as the mole. Lyndie Greenwood delivered her first excellent performance in her scene with Birkhoff that has me actually wondering if she’s playing him or not (and if there really is another mole in Division). This should be highly intriguing going forward.

I’m also ecstatic that Cyrus will be joining Team Nikki. Isaiah Mustafa was a surprising revelation as the charismatic and devious weapons dealer. Who would have thought that the Old Spice Guy would fit the role so effectively? Color me impressed.

And finally, that ending was positively haunting with Nikita announcing to her oblivious loved ones that she’s “not the target, all of you are.” It’s a perfectly poignant and ominous ending that effectively sets the stage for the show’s return in a month. Incredible.

Bits & Bullets

– Epic opening with Cyrus and the assault canon. It’s a scene that capably balanced subtle danger and humor. God I love this show.

– One of the episode’s wonderful continuity nuggets: Alex flashing back to her time with Amanda.

– Cyrus knowing about Nikita’s loft and protecting her was an awesome little reveal.

– It’s always fun to see Nikki, Alex and Michael fighting side by side. Of course Alex had to ruin it by going nuts with her rage on a random lackey.

– Loved Amanda unhinged and torturing Cyrus. We haven’t seen her in her element in so long as the interrogator.

– So Nikita still wears the same perfume Amanda picked out for her? That says a lot about our heroine.

– Thrilling moment with Nikita testing Amanda’s limits by standing in the blast radius.

– I kind of wanted Alex to go all berserk in the slow motion scene being surrounded by agents and killing them all. Sean saving her was sort of satisfying although I’m not a big fan of the drama between them. If this opens the door for Sean however, I might be more interested.

– Lovely touch with Cyrus mentioning that Nikita reminds him of his heroic dad.

Nikki Notables

Alex: Michael do you really want to talk to me about boys?

Amanda: I could smell her on you. I selected that perfume for Nikita years ago.
Cyrus: I know a lot of women.
Amanda: I’m only interested in one.

Amanda: Hello Nikita. I’m sorry I missed you in Luxembourg but I had urgent business elsewhere.
Nikita: Oh no doubt; you had to find some rat-trap to hole up in.
Amanda: My new home is quite comfortable thank you.

Michael: If Amanda really is here, kill the bitch.

A brilliant hour from one of the best shows on television.

Nad Rating


  1. Allo, Nadim. Nice review.
    Now our Team Nikki has to be extra smart and careful
    now that all of them are in Amanda's crosshairs.
    This is what I call the Amanda Game On ep. 🙂
    I like Cyrus; and I think he has a crush on Nikki. Hahaha.
    Though he have it concealed in a Bad Boy image.
    And what has become of Ari and Amanda?
    Ari wants money; while Mandy likes revenge called Lessons for Nikita.
    And no, wasn't surprised when it was revealed that Sonya is the mole.
    IMO, Birkoff has to tell Nikki about this.
    Knowing Birkoff, he won't be able to keep this from Nikki for long. 🙂

  2. Loved this episode and love your reviews! I'm looking forward to reading your Nikita posts again after the 18th! 🙂

  3. Loved this one too! What a chilling final shot as Nikita realizes Amanda is targeting everyone else, not her. I have a feeling Sean will be the first one to go since he's probably the most disposable one right now.

    And the last 10 minutes were some of the most thrilling moments on television I've seen in long, long time.

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