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The Vampire Diaries 4×08 – We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

"Looks to me the only reason you want to break Elena's sire bond is to restore her original Team-Stefan factory settings."


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m starting to get bored of The Vampire Diaries. I know that sounds blasphemous but the past few episodes have been more frustrating and forced than thrilling and poignant. I’m sure the show will bounce back into awesomeness soon but I just haven’t enjoyed these last few hours.

I was pretty vocal over how annoyed I was by the whole sire twist last week. While this episode didn’t make things worse, I still hate the development. I’m glad that they cleared up the fact that Elena has genuine feelings for Damon and they’ve just been magnified as the bond “affects how you act not how you feel”.  But, it stills feels like a cheap turn of events. I really want Elena and Damon to go all out and become a serious couple so I do hope that happens soon.

In other news, the hybrid-Tyler stuff continues to be tedious (I know I’m in the minority here), and the New Orleans trip was insanely boring. Seriously even Lexie couldn’t salvage it. Couple that with wolf-chick getting a lot of screen-time (she’s still mightily annoying) and it wasn’t the funnest hour around.

I have to say I’m intriuged by Bonnie and “expression”, the supposed form of dark magic. Please please writers, make her the show’s big bad. The useless character would benefit, and the show would get a momentum boost. Have her murder Shane (who’s not very exciting) and go all psycho on our gang. Ah the possibles.

Bits & Bites

– Very hot opening sex scene with Elena’s nails scratching Damon’s back. More please.

– I really don’t like Caroline anymore. She’s much too whiny and judgmental.

– Amusing scene with the girls partying.

– The ending was very unsatisfying with Damon not really doing anything to Elena. Either kiss or let her go but don’t just have them stand there, leaving us hanging for next week.

Must Download Tunes
Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire
Dragonette – let It Go
Morning Parade – Speechless (Acoustic)

Not particularly thrilling or intriguing, this was one of the weakest episodes of The Vampire Diaries yet.

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