Last Resort

Last Resort 1×09 – Cinderella Liberty

"17 nukes and a microphone. What more do you need?"


Ugh. Of course Last Resort gets cancelled and produces a superb hour.

This episode was exactly the kind of show I’d been craving on a week to week basis. It’s just been so disappointing since its premiere that this outing proved to be quite satisfying and exhilarating.

The hostage situation on the boat was beyond thrilling. I loved that the stakes immediately began escalating with the murder of the hostages making Christina’s position even more precarious. In addition, it all tied perfectly with the Navy Seal flashbacks and of course Marcus being blackmailed on the sub. Andre Braugher continues to be outstanding as our unhinged protagonist, deftly balancing the role’s nuances.

And finally, why wasn’t Kylie on the boat? That would have been even more explosive and exciting. She feels a bit too detached from the proceedings. Here’s hoping she gets even more involved as I did love her calling Sam and alerting him of the presence of the memory chips.

An outstanding and suspenseful hour of Last Resort. Looks like this show is going out with a bang.

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