Arrow 1×09 – Year’s End

"Who would kill Adam Hunt with an arrow... other than you?"


While this hour was better than last week’s misfire, I wanted a more thrilling hour from Arrow‘s midseason finale.

First off, I appreciated the little tidbits of mythology we got. Most importantly, we discovered that the island was a prison for China’s most dangerous inmates, and the only two survivors of a purge were Deathstroke and Oliver’s mentor. This development does an effective enough job of painting these two characters in a ruthless light so I’m all for it. I’m most intrigued by Deathstroke so I do hope we learn more about him soon. (and I kind of wanted him to be the Dark Archer).

Speaking of The Dark Archer, the revelation that he’s Tommy’s father isn’t the most shocking, but it does efficiently tie a bunch of plot points from the season together, particularly his shadowy dynamic with Moira. Speaking of mama Queen, I’m still a fan of the character as she seems to be very deeply linked to the show’s most dastardly plots and yet still manages to retain some likeability.

The love triangle also got moving in this hour as Oliver and Laurel finally confronted the elephant in the room (her relationship with Tommy). Although I can’t get over how insensitive Tommy is being by bringing his best friend’s ex to his party, I did like our core couple discussing the awkwardness. While I want them back together, I’m also somewhat of a Tommy-Laurel fan. I guess that’s a sign that the triangle is working on some level.

Furthermore, while I love Thea and Oliver’s sibling dynamic, I have a major issues with Thea and Moira constantly berating Oliver for being different and not connecting etc… It just feels extremely forced and unrealistic. I doubt your own mother and sister wouldn’t be cutting you some slack if you were marooned on an island for five years. It just feels painfully contrived as far as I’m concerned.

Bits & Arrows

– The product placement for the Microsoft Surface tablet was beyond atrocious. Seriously it got more screen-time than Felicity.

– I do love Felicity. She’s charmingly insecure and witty. I hope she joins Oliver’s team full-time. However, the manner in which she got the address by looking up the arrow was too much even for this show.

– Why is Tommy dressed like a peasant now? I get that he lost access to his credit cards but his clothes are another story. Way to hammer that development down our throats writers. Will he be driving a scooter now too?

– Pretty cool action moment with Ollie escaping Deathstroke’s bomb at the last second.

– Superb fight scene between Ollie’s mentor and Deathstroke (the second time in the show’s run so far) Awesome cinematography.

– Even better fight between Arrow and the Dark Archer. Ollie getting brutally beaten up for the first time and stumbling out of the warehouse was pretty great.

– So is Papa Tommy the one who authored the notebook and wants Ollie dead or is there someone else?

– So what is Malcolm Merlyn’s big bad plan? And what will happen to Walter in the 6 months before his return? Do I care about the latter?

– Loved the rousing musical score in the final few minutes. It made them much more epic than they actually were.

Starling Quips

Malcolm: How about Green Arrow?
Oliver: Lame.

Oliver: How do you know that Shane guy?
Thea: We rob banks and smoke crack together.

Oliver: Felicity you’re remarkable.
Felicity: Thank you for remarking on it.

Tommy: Merry Christmas sir, how are you?
Lance: Proficient with firearms.

An entertaining but ultimately disappointing midseason finale from Arrow.

Nad Rating


  1. I agree. I really wanted more from the mid-season finale. Those island scenes really were the best!! It feels like a different show with those sequences!

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