Scandal 2×09 – Blown Away

 "It's blackmail; that bible-thumping bitch is blackmailing me."


Scandal is a gutsy show, plain a simple. There’s really no way around it. I don’t think I’ve been this impressed with a show in a long time. This was another home-run in a season that’s firing on all cylinders.

While this hour wasn’t going to live up to last week’s jawdropper of an outing, it was nonetheless fantastic all-around. First off, I won’t deny that I was a bit disappointed that Huck didn’t turn out to be the shooter. I was sure Shonda couldn’t retcon her way out of last week’s ending but lo and behold, the woman’s a devious creature. Having Becky as the killer is undoubtedly a safer choice, and one that lessens the stakes considerably. However, Shonda made sure to blow our minds a couple of times throughout the hour to ensure our disappointment did not last for long. I was most taken aback by the stunning sequence of Huck discovering his “family” (including the kids and the dog) brutally massacred by his girlfriend. It was quite barbaric, and this show continues to fly past the limitations of network TV. And now that Huck has been arrested? Too good.

This episode was also a highlight for our favorite Supreme Justice Verna. I have to say she’s become one of my favorite characters and this hour effectively cemented that realization. On one hand, we had her hairless and at the utter mercy of our vicious new president, only to see her strike back (another superb twist) by throwing Huck and Olivia under the bus. It’s an incredible turn of events and I can’t wait to see what happens next or how the Roundtable of Evil will react.

Another subplot that blew my mind was Cyrus’ attempt to get James off the conspiracy trail. The fact that he finally his husband the baby he was craving was beyond evil (and brilliant), but the latter’s intelligence proved to be equally shocking as he continued his quest while shopping for baby products. Truly this show is always one step ahead and it’s magnificent.

Scandalous Bits

– Huck holding Harrison down was quite satisfying; I obviously don’t like Mr.Gladiator in a suit.

– I don’t think I’ve ever hated anyone more than the President when she was beating on a cancer patient (Verna) with that nasty speech. The fact that the latter was hairless only made her more vulnerable (and her subsequent retaliation all the more gratifying).

– Cyrus calling his husband a slut was hilarious.

– I love that Verna immediately recognized Huck from the hoodie.

– Cyrus and Olivia’s deep friendship has evolved into one of the show’s coolest relationships.

– Should Liv really be discussing Huck as the shooter on her cell-phone? It’s a bit hard to swallow that no one is listening in one of DC’s most high-profile figures.

– Amazing touch with Huck’s loop playing as he discovered the deaths.

– Liv handling Fitz’s funeral was painful to watch.

– So what’s up with Abby and David? That sex scene was very 50 Shades of Grey. The fingers in the mouth? Woah.

– Verna with the two envelopes at the end was badass.

– I still don’t understand why last week’s eppy wasn’t the midseason finale. It had a much more powerful cliffhanger with Huck’s reveal. It’s unlike network television to give us an answer so easily when they could have easily dragged this out for a month.


Abby: I’m new to the field of remote controlled sniper rifles. Is there a trade magazine they send out to enthusiasts, psychopaths, assassins?

James: (to Cyrus) It’s been 4 hours without a political hit in your veins. I thought you might be huddled in the corner mainlining C-Span and trying to snort shredded pieces of the Congressional record up your nose.

Verna: You’re gonna be President for about the next 15 minutes, and then your time will be done.
Sally: The seat your butt is filling on the Supreme Court belongs to me to fill as I see fit. It was promised to me during the campaign, and for someone other than a left wing, baby-killing, homosexual-loving, godless creature such as yourself. I want it now, and you will give it to me.

Olivia: So you finally got yourself a president that will do your bidding?
Hollis: Didn’t your mom teach you to share?

A suitably excellent hour to follow up on last week’s masterpiece.

Nad Rating


  1. That Hollis is one bad**s terror. Very subtle, indeed, very subtle. 🙂
    Nice review, Nadim.

    ***Posted some of the following at Billie's. I want to post it here, too. Hope it's okay.***

    That Becky is one twisted bitch.
    I really hate her in using Huck.
    And Huck, because of his loneliness, finds himself clinging to Becky believing to have found his soulmate.
    Then, felt betrayed when Becky didn't show up at their meeting place. I think Becky was really testing him to see how he will react; thus, the recording and playing Huck's conversation with Harrison in his favorite family's house while Huck discovered the dead people.

    Verna is a favorite of mine, too.
    She's got balls, man; she really does. Hahaha.
    She's one hell of a fighter and a survivor.
    She sure knows how to play dirty.
    I really hated the Evil VP dressing down (wigs off) Verna in the hospital; she took it all in though, with dignity, too, while holding her spoon. 🙂

    Kate Burton nailed the bible-thumping bitch to a T.
    I hate her evil gut.

    Abby is one hate f***er. Hahaha.

    Though I think this really happen, it's quite creepo discussing funeral arrangements for someone who's still alive.

    And lastly, (for now), I missed Bellamy Young.

  2. i started watching this show when the president was shot i have to say im still trying to get into this show. it is kind of similar to revenge

  3. Rosebud I'm SO glad you're all caught up and you discovered the show. I knew you'd love it 🙂 Looking forward to discussing further episodes with you. Thanks for commenting and your support as always!

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