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Grey’s Anatomy 9×09 – Run, Baby, Run

"Which part of my face says I want super-cute?"


Bailey was magnificent here. It’s been a while since I loved Chandra Wilson this much as she was on fire here. She played the “jittery bride” to perfection and knocked out all her one-liners with subtle brilliance. The episode did an excellent job of balancing her comedic plot with a traumatizing ending. Truly the best Bailey episode in years.

Of course, the Adele stuff was just heart-wrenching. Loretta Divine has always been spectacular, but the final sequence with her hospitalization as Bailey takes over in her wedding dress was insanely powerful. It’s the kind of breathless and emotionally charged scene that Grey‘s excels at perfectly time and again. It looks like Shonda plans on killing off Adele and while that seems fitting, it’s still going to be brutal.

Bits & Scalpels

– Even April is getting more amusing. I enjoyed her trying to set Avery up with the intern.

– Never Cambell was surprisingly great. Really enjoyed her dynamic with Meredith.

– Very touching scene with Callie and Arizona discussing high heels.

– Superb scene between Christina and Owen over his responsibility concerning the crash.

– Callie’s big speech about Arizona’s leg was awesome. And the fact that she hasn’t had sex was an amusing touch.

– Bailey in a wedding dress is a hilarious sight.

– Owen and Christina kissing again… finally!

– Bailey and the Chief are outstanding together. I have a feeling the show might end with them more than platonic.

Grey Banter

Meredith: Do you still love me?
Derek: Medium.

Webber: You’re an adult now. You know the world’s an ambiguous place. You know that love doesn’t conquer all. It conquers some stuff. The other stuff kicks the living crap out of love.

Must Download Tunes
Fail For You by Luke Sital-Singh
Sweetest Sound by Gabe Simon

An incredibly enjoyable and touching hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

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