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The Client List 1×10 – Past Is Prologue

"My spidey senses are tingling something awful."


I watched the premiere of The Client List last year out of my intense love for Jennifer Love Hewitt and the fact that I saw a lot of potential in the TV movie this show is based on. The pilot was alright but the subsequent episodes proved to be pretty uneventful. I eventually gave up on the show but since all my favorite shows are currently on break, I figured this would be as good a time as any to finish this debut season. Surprisingly, I’m glad that I did.

The Client List will never be art, but it’s strangely likeable. Hewitt plays a big part in that as she makes Riley’s plight immensely endearing. I found myself really growing fond of the character and her messed up life over the course of these ten episodes. The fact that Riley actually enjoys her job blurs the lines even more and makes her quite the naughty protagonist. In addition, I found myself really rooting for Riley and Evan to get together which means the two obviously have some great chemistry. Naturally Kyle had to come back just in time for the season finale (shocking) and appropriately muddled our favorite couple’s momentum.

Nevertheless I am intrigued for next year. Of course if Jennifer Love Hewitt wasn’t the lead I doubt that would be the case, but I have to admit that I am sort of invested in her journey now. The cliffhanger wasn’t the strongest, but I’m curious to see what exactly the police officer will do and how Kyle knows about Riley’s “troubles”. I have a feeling I’ll definitely be giving the season two premiere a shot.

While it’s not serious television by any means, The Client List is undoubtedly my guilty pleasure of the year which the finale capably cemented.

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