Homeland 1×12 – Marine One

 "Why kill a man when you can kill an idea?"


When I watched the Homeland pilot last year, I thought the show was well-produced but not particularly engaging on an emotional level. After completing the show’s first season, my feelings have surprisingly still not changed.

 I know this might seem like an unpopular opinion but I much prefer my spy-hijinks when they’re in the vein of 24 or Alias. Yes those shows might seem quite unrealistic in comparison, but they make up for that with consistent thrills and jawdropping twists. Homeland on the other hand is a quiet and low-key show that’s simply not my cup of tea. While I appreciate the work that goes into maintaining such a world, I was never necessarily wowed by it. I’m definitely in the minority here (as the accolades this show has received over the past year are overrated and undeserving in my opinion). I was just never truly emotionally invested in Carrie or Brody’s plight. The former in particular proved to be immensely annoying as a protagonist (and that’s not just because she’s bi-polar). I find Claire Danes to be an incredibly irritating actress and Homeland did her no favors. Leads like Jack Baur and Sydney Bristow are characters whom I immediately loved from the pilot. Carrie and Brody however, proved to be practically insufferable to watch.

Nevertheless, Homeland‘s season finale was undoubtedly the strongest offering from the show’s debut season. I much prefer Carrie when she’s full on bi-polar and unhinged so that definitely amped up the excitement factor. In addition, Brody becoming a full-on suicide bomber (in a room full of high-profile targets) at least elevated the stakes considerably and had me wondering how the episode would end. Carrie’s final electro-shock sequence was also an intriguing enough development to bookend the season.

All in all, I’m not particularly dying to catch up with season two which sadly is not a very good sign. Nevertheless, I will admit that on its own, the Homeland finale did manage to at least hold my attention which is quit the step-up after a slow moving season.

A solid season finale from a show that’s growing on me but still has a long way to go.

Nad Rating


  1. Coming from you, Nadim the “growing on me” factor you have mentioned is a compliment already, knowing the kind of show that you like.
    Gee whiz, man. You did a marathon? 😀

    True enough that this show does not have the a**kicking kind of action and thrill that Alias (and Nikita) brought us on a weekly scale. 🙂
    I agree that the build-up for action and thrilling sequences for this show is a bit slow for us actiony audience.
    I guess that reason I like this show is it always make me wonder what kind of surprises and ridiculous excuses will Brody and/or Carrie will do to up the amp of a particular episodes.

    For me, that's where the thrill comes in; on what kind of explanations and excuses will the writers bring in to extend the story of this show.
    IMO, this should have just been a mini-series and not a continuing one.

    Bring it on, Last Resort! hahaha.

  2. I like what you said about the suspense not coming from the thrills but the excuses. Interesting point that's pretty valid concerning this show.

    I do wonder how season 2 will look like, so I will try to watch it when I can find the time! Ah I love having so many shows and they're all coming back this week. All is good in the world again 🙂

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