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Once Upon A Time 2×10 – The Cricket Game

"Doctor? Need I remind you, you got your PHD from a curse?"


Apart from some questionable (more like atrocious) CGI, Once Upon A Time continues its quite enjoyable sophomore year with a sprawling cast and an intriguing season arc.

Lana Parilla is seriously on fire this year. She’s morphed into the show’s MVP this season and she’s been more than impressive tapping into Regina’s vulnerable side. I’ve said it before but the character is much more intriguing than cookie-cutter Emma and works well as the show’s anti-heroine. This episode did an excellent job of breaking down her world and further building up Cora as the season’s Big Bad. I especially loved the touching moment at the end as she sobbed while watching Henry and Emma in her side-view mirror. Parilla seriously broke my heart.

Speaking of Emma, the writers need to make her interesting fast. The magic development definitely has some potential, but I’ll be needing her to get more proactive soon. She feels way too much like a passive lead who just reacts to things happening around her instead of going on the offensive. In addition, I’m sure Jennifer Morrison is capable of more if she’s given the proper material.

Storybrooke Snippets

– Emma walking in on her parents doing it was so very amusing. I love this trio.

– Regina and her lasagna: hilarious!

– Snow stopping the execution was a great little moment as the arrows froze in midair.

-The digital backgrounds in fairytale land are still as distracting and horrendous as ever. Why, why, why?

– More of Regina’s telekinesis please. Badass moment as she flung annoying Emma to the ground.

– I kind of wanted Archie to die. Nevertheless, I’m intrigued by his potential torture.

Fairytale Favorites

Regina: (To Red) Nothing to see here, go take yourself for a walk.

Rumpelstiltskin: You have your mother’s chin.
Emma: We know you killed her.
Rumpelstiltskin: And your father’s tact.

Cora: My daughter’s lost everything.
Hook: Well aren’t you mom of the year.

A solid and highly engaging return from Once Upon A Time. I have high hopes for this season.

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