Cougar Town

Cougar Town 4×01 – Blue Sunday

 "I would apologize but I know how to behave in a dream."


They’re baaaack! Words can’t express how relieved I was when TBS decided to save the funniest comedy on television from cancellation. Seriously what was ABC thinking? Nevertheless, season four is finally here and I couldn’t be happier!

The biggest compliment I can give TBS is that Cougar Town feels exactly the same. The tone, the characters, the comedy… nothing’s changed and everything is as brilliant as it was last year. What I love most about the show is the fact that the writers treat their viewers with respect. Take Jules and Grayson; they’re obviously the show’s endgame couple and yet the writers didn’t hesitate putting them together (and hitched no less). In fact, apart from the odd problem here and there, they’re relatively happy and you don’t get the feeling that petty drama is being forced into their dynamic. It’s just refreshing to witness in TV land.

The rest of the cast is as hysterical as ever. From Andy never pooping in his own home, to Laurie’s Wade trials and Ellie’s abuse of everyone in the vicinity, the episode was filled with priceless nuggets and entertaining tidbits. On top of it all, the show consistently manages to juggle each member of the cast and their nuances with real heart and genuine emotion. These are complicated, damaged individuals with relatable problems and heartbreaking moments. Few shows are this funny and impactful and for that, Cougar Town deserves to go on for a long time to come. Bless your heart TBS, bless your frickin’ heart.

Drinks & Pieces

– Jules picking man hairs out of Grayson’s ears; hilarious!

– So what did Andy do to Ellie last night? The mind boggles at the possibilities.

– #Coffeebitch? Haha. I love TBS.

– I actually didn’t realize the lesbian Laurie and Ellie thing was a dream until they mentioned it. I guess I think they’re that raunchy.

– I love it when they bring back Jules’ shrink. She’s simply phenomenal.

– I was so amused by Jules making Tom catch and grab Ellie.

– Andy has estrogen? Ha!

– Travis finally using his dad’s advice and running away from Laurie was very fitting.

– The dance party with Tom dancing outside was heartwarming and awesome.

– That final sequence with the mock “coming up this season” was just epic: hilarious pregnancies, magic, explosions, and Michelle Wiliams. I’m in awe.

Priceless Sips

Jules: I finally got a coffee bitch.
Ellie: I know I’m so happy for us!

Jules: Now I have a wine guy, and a coffee bitch.
Ellie: The world’s two worst superheroes.

Jules: I want him to see the best of me. I don’t want him thinking he married someone with a bunch of junk in the trunk. Well I know I have a flat butt but I decided having junk in the trunk should mean having emotional baggage.
Laurie: That makes sense.
Ellie: Change approved.

Laurie: He’s so black I feel like I’m in a sensory deprivation tank when he’s on top of me!

Jules: Come on gurlfriend, don’t be ridic.

Laurie: You know I’m in such a funk. I’m gonna say something my mom said two years ago this very night “I’m gonna leave, before I stab a bitch.”

Must Download Tune
Champion Sound by Crystal Fighters

As funny as ever, the season four premiere of Cougar Town was wonderfully amusing.

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