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The Good Wife 4×11 – Boom De Yah Da

"Oh there's Godot."


I must confess something: I don’t necessarily rush to watch The Good Wife every week. When I eventually watch an episode, I undoubtedly enjoy it (sometimes I quite love it), but getting myself to sit down and watch feels more like a chore sometimes than a need. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because I was never truly enamored by the show since it’s a procedural and I much prefer wholly serialized television. Nevertheless, I’ll always stick by the show; I just had to get this off my chest.

The main reason I tune in is undeniably Alicia Florrick. Julianna Margulies plays the role to utter perfection. She’s seriously one of the coolest characters on TV and definitely makes the whole experience worthwhile. This week saw the return of Louis Canning which was a welcome development. Michael J Fox owns the role and I’m never less than amused by his witty banter with Alicia. The two have stellar chemistry and they’re always a joy to watch. The addition of Canning’s wife to the mix made things even more intriguing as she surprisingly struck up some immediate chemistry of her own with Margulies. I’m hoping we’ll see her again at some point. And Canning as the new Lockhard/Gardner Creditor? Awesome little twist.

The machinations at Lockhart Gardner continued with the bankruptcy shenanigans but I was most fascinated by the return of Wendy Scott Carr. I felt her character was underutilized the last time we saw her so it was a pleasure to see her ruffle our cast’s feathers. She’s got a quiet ruthlessness to her that’s inherently engaging to watch. More of her please.

Wifey Bits

– Kalinda trying to pronounce the various exotic mosquitoes made me laugh.

– Alicia and Kalinda’s quiet moment in the hotel room was wonderful. And was Kalinda “I’m sorry” for the Peter affair or am I missing something else that happened between them recently?

– I never liked T.R. Knight on Grey’s Anatomy. Here’s hoping he’ll be more likeable here. Doubtful though.

– The court reporter name gaff by Alicia felt very realistic in the middle of her tirade. Guess she can’t be a total badass.

Good Quotes

Eli: No one disappears. They all come back… like zombies.

Canning: Objection. This is beneath you Alicia.
Alicia: No, unfortunately it’s not.

Must Download Tune
I Love The Mountains By Houaida

Nothing extraordinary, but still a pretty solid hour of The Good Wife.

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