Scandal 2×10 – One For The Dog

"Steal the White House? Yes we can. Been done before. Will be done again."


I’m pretty sure this season of Scandal will go down in television’s hall of fame as one of the all-time great TV seasons that turned a very good show into a spectacular one.

Coming off a slew of jawdropping hours revolving around Fitz’s shooting, this was another brilliant episode packed with devious machinations and incredible developments. Obviously the hour’s highlight was Mellie committing an act of “domestic terrorism” by forging Fitz’s reinstatement letter thereby sending the entire country into a frenzy. This twist was suitably insane, and I loved the fact that Liv and Cyrus soon found themselves helping her out as they employed their various resources (particularly Liv’s lackeys). Suffice to say, it’s awesome to see these three characters manipulating an event with such global ramifications. Of course Fitz had to wake up in the end (and I had the biggest smile on my face because Kerry Washington’s “hi” got me all warm and tingly inside) while Becky was taken into custody. Here’s hoping the excitement doesn’t wane next week.

Can I just say that Sally Langston continues to be a badass villain? Sure Hollis is slimy, but Sally’s just diabolical and I adore watching her attempts at cornering our roundtable of evil. I’m also impressed that the writers are setting up Edison as some sort of Big Bad for the season as he threatened Liv in quite the ominous scene (I’m thankful she didn’t back down). I’m telling you it’s outstanding how this show can take a seemingly plain love interest like Edison and morph him into a menacing presence within the span of one scene. Simply masterful television.

Scandalous Bits

– Waterboarding… classy! Now I know why there was a “viewer discretion” message at the top of the hour.

– Thumbprint to sign for mail? That actually exists? Very slick.

– I wish they’d kill off Harrison; he really annoys me.

– I like how Liv’s lackeys worked the press to create the illusion that Fitz was fine. The doctor in particular was a hoot.

– Huck’s beatings were quite brutal to watch. It’s sad that such atrocities probably still happen.

– Mellie questioning Olivia over what they would both do if Fitz died was pretty great.

– Surprisingly moving moment with James holding his baby. And I don’t even like James!

– Liv hugging and laying by Fitz was a touching little moment.

– What did Sally read about Huck? Shonda better not forget to tell us because I sure as hell won’t!

– I was really glad that David played such a big part in getting Huck released.

– Amazing face-off scene between Sally and Melly regarding the forged handwriting. Funny how Mellie came off as so vulnerable and innocent when compared to Sally; the bigger snake.

– Quinn cornering Olivia over the truth about her life and Hollis has me really intrigued. Let’s hope we get all the info next week.


Cyrus: Well thank you for keeping us all updated on PhoneGate Verna.

Edison: We haven’t had sex in a week.
Olivia: The President was shot.
Edison: What does that have to do with our love-life?

Cyrus: (to James) Maybe we shouldn’t pick up the baby at all if you’re too busy, what with your research on miracles taking up so much of your time.

Immaculately executed and thoroughly engrossing, this was yet another remarkably episode of Scandal.

Nad Rating


  1. Just watched this amazing episode! I'm so in love with this show, and it seems to get better with every episode.

    My worry with Shonda is that she repeats the Grey's Anatomy phenomenon in the sense that season 1 is good enough to get you hooked for season 2. Season 2 is absolutely amazing with episodes that are re-watchable… and then the season 2 finale is weaker than you would like it to be and season 3 is a mess. I don't know about PP but it seems like Shonda has these amazing ideas for the first two seasons and then it's dragging out the characters until she finds her muse again ergo Greys season 6.

    Anyway back to this episode. I loved all of it from the deviousness of Mellie's forged signature, to Olivia supporting her, to Edison's obvious intuition that something is up between Olivia and Mr. President, to Hollis's schemes and how he gets away with them, to the final exchanged “Hi”s that had me smiling a lot to myself. I love all the nuances to Kerry Washington's expressions. She aced that little moment.

    Cannot wait till next week's episode!!

  2. Very enthusiastic review, Nadim. 🙂
    Like you, I thoroughly enjoyed this ep.
    That Sally & Hollis partnership is the Queen & King of Evil Poker.
    Saying one thing but hand plays another.
    I really want to pull out both their hairs. (that's tame compared to waterboarding hahaha )
    It's great to have Bellamy Young back. I missed Mellie's original schemes.
    Of all of Livvy's lackeys, Huck is one whose loyalty to her would always be unwavered.
    Ease up on Harrison, Nadim.
    That's his role in the Team; to be the “mouth” of the team and to annoy the hell out of any of their targets. 😀

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