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Grey’s Anatomy 9×10 – Things We Said Today

"This is so soft, like it's made out of a polar bear!"


This hour is the perfect example of an okay episode that’s effectively salvaged by one heck of a powerful ending. That’s the beauty of television ladies and gents.

My main issue with the hour is a gripe that’s frequently resurfaced this year: the interns are getting a bit too much attention for my taste. We don’t watch the show to see what Stephanie, Joe and Shane are up to (and yes I made an effort to research them and memorize their names as it looks like they’re sticking around for a while). We watch Grey’s Anatomy for Meredith and company so I do hope Shonda eventually realizes that. Thankfully this episode was somewhat balanced between the two groups but unfortunately it still wasn’t the jawdropping return I was hoping it would be.

Obviously the episode’s highlight was Adele. She’s always been a wonderful recurring character and I was quite devastated when we learned of her death at the end. Nevertheless, that sequence in particular was beyond stunning, as the Chief arrives to Bailey’s wedding and hides his wife’s passing so his good friend can enjoy her first dance. Once Meredith questions Webber, he begins to cry as he watches himself and Adele (in a wedding dress) dancing on their own special day. Suffice to say, it’s a majestic sequence that singlehandedly makes this episode worthwhile.

The rest of the hour was pretty negligible. I wasn’t a fan of the biker gang (although miss Gasoline was a better fit here than she was on True Blood this year), or the random intern adventures.

Bits & Scalpels

– Suitably awkward moment as Arizona’s leg stops her and Callie from having sex. I do love these two.

– Christina hilariously discovering her patient’s name is Gasoline; Sandra Oh is an artist and I practically died.

– April and Shane; meh. I could really do without these two.

– Alex and Joe crying to get a room was admittedly amusing.

– Owen and Christina signing their divorce papers through tears was a moving moment. So they think they’ll survive if they’re not technically married? Am I missing something?

– Avery and Stephanie sleeping together were slightly more interesting than the other interns.

Must Download Tunes
Lighting Bolts by Ilko
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

While this hour should have been great thanks to a monumental death, other factors prevented it from being truly special.

Nad Rating


  1. Beautiful episode! Great farewell for Adele. Very moving…

    And I think they need to develop the interns in case more of the regulars decide to up and go before Shonda decides to end the show! Although now that Lexie's no longer there to be the Grey if Mer leaves… I don't see them continuing without her at least.

  2. Cris I really hope the show never centers on the interns. When Meredith and the gang move on, the show should end as far as I'm concerned! I just really don't like those kids!

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