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Hot In Cleveland 4×07 – Magic Diet Candy

"Can you recommend a church that's big on revenge because I want to go there."


I’m a huge fan of Hot In Cleveland. It might not be the most groundbreaking or sophisticated comedy around, but it’s a frequently hilarious old-school sitcom with a superb cast and some amusing guest stars.

In fact, even when an episode’s premise isn’t the greatest, you can pretty much always rely on the cast to salvage the hour with their wonderful delivery and inherent likeability. Take this episode for example; it’s not the most well written hour of the show (although I appreciated the ambitious time-jumping a la How I Met Your Mother) but the gals more than made up for the plot’s shortcomings with their spot-on delivery. Special mention has to be made to guest-star Juliet Mills for her hilarious turn as Joy’s mother Phillipa. She had some of the episode’s funniest moments and I’m truly looking forward to seeing her again.

And to top it all off, there’ s a wonderfully moving message about parents supporting their kids instead of criticizing them because the rest of the world will point out flaws just fine.  I found this message quite relatable and impactful, and it’s a testament to the show that they managed to tackle this theme so capably.

Hot Bits

– Wendi Mallick is seriously brilliant and probably my favorite comedic actress working today (ever since Just Shoot Me) She played the magic diet candy subplot beautifully.

– Phillipa spanking Melanie: priceless.

– How is Betty White’s comedic timing so spot-on? At 91, she’s still a revelation.

– I kinda miss Heather Locklear. Her special brand of crazy fit the show quite well.

– Victoria’s skirt button popping open and smacking the priest in the eye was hilarious.

Cleveland Quotes

Owen: She can’t be that bad.
Joy: Poor little lamb. Raised by kind people, you have no natural defenses.

Melanie: Sorry we’re late but Victoria had to tell everyone we met all about her famous new boyfriend. Including the street mime.
Victoria: He asked.

Victoria: You know Phillipa your accent is reminding me of my boyfriend Sir Emmet Lawson. As you know, he was knighted by your queen.
Phillipa: Oh please, he’s Australian! You might as well knight a sheep.

Phillipa: Here’s the latest edition of the baby book I used.
Owen: “Let them cry – the British guide to raising children.” But the pages are all blank!
Phillipa: You don’t read it, it’s for spanking.

Amusing and poignant, a very enjoyable hour of Hot In Cleveland.

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