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The Good Wife 4×12 – Je Ne Sais What?

"We're here to win. Win pretty, win ugly, it's still winning."


This was a perfect episode of The Good Wife. Every once in a while, the show pulls one of these out and they’re pretty darn great.

The reason behind this episode’s success lies in just how deftly it balances Alicia’s personal and professional lives without compromising either in the process. The case of the week with Elsbeth Tascioni was superb. Tascioni herself is one of my most favorite Good guest-stars, as Carrie Preston just owns the role and every one of her ticks and nuances. Her imprisonment provided us with a range of hilarious moments and her interactions with Alicia were spot-on (as always). The ending with her potentially working with Eli is also gold (pardon the pun), because it will undeniably keep her on the show for a hopefully long while.

Will and Diane’s involvement with Tascioni’s case was also stellar. I was particularly amused by Will’s attempts at maneuvering past the french-speaking tribunal and their nutty rules. It’s always good to see Lockhart/Gardner outside their comfort zone and this episode was a total success in that manner.

As for episode’s more personal aspects, I enjoyed everything from Alicia sorely in need of a booty call, to Peter’s struggles with racial bias. Again, this is when The Good Wife flourishes; when it manages to juggle its sprawling cast to maximum effect without sacrificing either of their subplots.

Cases & Bits

– Alicia making pancakes intercut with her having sex: rawr.

– I would seriously watch a show based on Alicia and Elsbeth running a law-firm. Their interactions are epic.

– The sequence between Peter and Geneva is especially outstanding. Beautifully written and acted by both parties. The scene soars because it actually makes you question the accusations and whether you find Peter guilty or not.

– Loved Elsbeth reaching the pregnancy conclusion in the midst of her kooky psych evaluation.

– Kalinda’s reaction to “she’s so elegant.” Very amusing.

– Elsbeth running through the field; too funny.

– One of the judges giving Kalinda and her skirt a dirty look was so very spot-on.

– Gardner calling Elsbeth “Rambo” made me smile.

– Alicia sure found a pep in her step after her booty call. Whenever she taps into her sexuality, it’s highly entertaining.

Good Lines

Will: We call this witness to the stand.
Judge: There is no stand Mr. Gardner.
Will: To the chair in the middle of the room.

Will: Of course thank you monsieur le….president.

Elsbeth: I don’t know how I know half the things I know.

Intelligent and witty, this was The Good Wife firing on all cylinders.

Nad Rating


  1. Elspeth is brilliant! It's always so much fun when she's around! And I loved how everyone just dropped what they were doing when they found out she's the one who needed help! And how Eli was waiting to talk to her at the end… My favourite guest star for sure! (narrowly above Michael J Fox)

  2. The thing that continues to amaze me about this show is the guest stars they find and then continue to bring back season after season. It adds a wonderful continuity to the show and allows us to believe in the “small world” aspect of Chicago.

    Elspeth is my favorite. I love the way her mind works and I, too, could watch an entire series around Alicia and her. What fun that would be!

  3. What you said about a “small world” is so true. It really makes the show pop whenever any of these lovable characters reappears!
    And yes I still have hope for that spinoff!!! Those two are just epic together1

  4. I love Elspeth, definitely my favorite guest guest star so far! I second ChrisB in that it's amazing how this show keeps bringing guest stars back, making us truly believe in the “small world” it exists in. Brilliant.

    Also loved the scene between Peter and Geneva. Wow, it was breathtaking. So well written.

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