Arrow 1×10 – Burned

"She went from shut-in to chairman pretty fast. "


This episode was the epitome of a transitional episode. I so wanted to love Arrow‘s midseason return but found myself greeted by a pretty underwhelming hour.

While nothing particularly horrible stood out, I felt the events of this hour culminated in a very unsatisfying resolution. The show’s writers haven’t fully grasped how to handle the show’s villains. Instead of making them recurring antagonists who grow and evolve, they’ve settled for introducing one-shot baddies that don’t do much besides cause a little havoc before getting capably disposed of by Ollie. Firefly was the perfect example of this approach; he could have been a cool and menacing presence, but instead, we got a cheesy speech and his walking straight into his death (and there wasn’t even a fight sequence to at least satisfy the action quotient). It just felt terribly anticlimactic.

Better executed were the insights into Oliver’s fragile mental state following his beating at the hands of the Dark Archer. Although we had to suffer through Diggle’s clumsy exposition, it was intriguing to learn that Oliver finally fears death now that he has “something to lose”. The family dynamic is one of the show’s stronger suits, and I always look forward to his interactions with Thea and Moira. Speaking of the latter, I seriously love the character and can’t wait to watch her as Queen Consolodiated’s new CEO.

Sadly, even the island material was disappointing. At first it looked like we were going to get some compelling scenes with Deathstroke and Ollie’s mentor (following the latter’s kidnapping), but we instead had to settle for Ollie running for his life and killing his first(?) human. Here’s hoping the outfit and map he acquired will yield more interesting developments.

Bits & Arrows

– Oliver not hitting the tennis ball (after the cliche training montage was a cool little moment to convey how weak he’s gotten.

– Oliver trying to pronounce Zack Galfanakis cracked me up.

– I really liked Thea mothering Moira. These two have a great, realistic dynamic.

– I do hope the show will start focusing more on the public’s perception of Oliver now that he’s being branded as more of a “hero” than a “vigilante”.

– I’m starting to get annoyed by Laurel. Can she become the Black Canary soon? Nevertheless, Katie Cassidy still looks gorgeous.

– Oliver rushing off to change and put on his makeup in mid-fire as the fire-chief was getting doused with gasoline was beyond laughable. Seriously? That’s really pushing it writers.

– I liked Laurel’s dad giving his daughter the Arrow phone back. He’s evolving at least. That is, until we realized he put a transmitter on it!

Starling Quips

Diggle: He took whatever’s in your heart that lets you jump off buildings and take down bad guys.
Oliver: Thank you for the analysis.

Thea: Sharp suit mom. I’m not used to seeing you without your bedroom wrapped around you.

Highly forgettable, it’s a shame Arrow‘s return was so unimpressive.

Nad Rating


  1. Yes, it was a stand alone-ish ep.
    Not much action and the resolution of the villain is too easy.
    I agree with you, Nadim that it was a bit disappointing ep; even the island scenes.
    So bleh.
    But I like Moira and Thea here.
    And of course, my man Digs minus the psycho speech. Hahaha.
    Overall, a very ho-hum ep if I may say so myself.
    Hope the next one will be better, especially with that thingie in the mobile phone.
    Good review 🙂

  2. Hey Nadim! Just discovered your place… fun! :o)

    Yup, rather bland episode… except for when Thea was present. She sure adds a spark! :o)

    But I think it was a necessary episode, for the character development. Could they have done a better job at it? Definitely yes, but it's good to see characters moving forward instead of treading water.

    Definitely COLD of Laurel's Dad to be using her that way. I look forward to seeing how that plays out! ;o)

  3. Thank you CrazyCris! Do drop by often and comment 🙂
    I agree about the character development. Oliver needed to go through the Dark Archer aftermath. I just wish like you said, that they did it better and with more finesse. Here's hoping next week is awesome!

  4. Be careful what you wish for… you might have noticed over at Billie's that I'm quite chatty! :p

    Next week will be better, for sure! PLus, isn't Vertigo supposed to show up soon? Will be nice to have a recurring baddie for a well. Bonus points in its bringing us more Seth Gabel! :o)

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