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Nikita 3×07 – Intersection

"She has an explosive in her brain that I have on speed-dial. Who needs trust?"


Oh my lord! This was a jawdropping episode and one of the finest hours of TV I’ve seen all year.

This was a perfect episode of Nikita; there’s absolutely nothing I didn’t love about it. It’s fantastic really that the show continues to soar well into its third season while cementing itself as one of the most consistently gripping shows on television. Halfway through its second season, the show escalated into a whole new level of brilliance and hasn’t backed down since. This hour was further proof of that awesomeness.

Excuse me while I pick my jaw off from the floor and try to process the episode’s mammoth cliffhanger: Michael just lost his hand! It’s a traumatic development that effectively conveys the repercussions of Amanda’s brutal quest for vengeance. In fact that entire final sequence was a masterclass in tension and emotionally-charged thrills. From Anne dumping the grenade under Mikita’s car and eviscerating it, to Nikki stabbing the assassin and then slicing Michael’s hand off, I was literally on the edge of my seat, breathless and horrified all throughout.

Less explosive but equally compelling was Team Nikita practically bursting at the seams as their “fake fighting” began to turn into real fighting. I’m most intrigued by Alex because while sheย  successfully caught the mole and saved Birkhoff & Sonia, her relapse is out in the open now and Nikki is not happy. I want to point out that I love the fact that there’s no melodrama on the show. They didn’t drag out Alex’s drug use or Sonia’s identity as the mole for a dozen and a half episodes. Both pivotal plot points were revealed in the first 15 minutes, and Team Nikita simply accepted the facts, and immediately began searching for solutions. It’s refreshing and satisfying to see characters making rational decisions and not sacrificing their intelligence for the sake of forced drama. Bravo show.

Seriously, no complaints whatsoever. All bets are off, everyone is a target, and I’m more invested than ever. This is a stunning season.

Bits & Bullets

– What an epic teaser with Nikita getting sliced in the neck by Amanda’s lackey and Sonia getting offed. I kind of wish it wasn’t a dream because this opening was badass.

– Amanda imagining herself as Nikita while on the run was hilarious. Melinda Clarke should do comedy more.

– I love that even in the midst of all the drama, we still got a ton of humorous and romantic moments between Nikki and Michael.

– Pretty cool how Team Nikita used heat signatures to narrow down the mole suspects. In fact, their entire mole hunt was well executed.

– The pain on Nikita’s face when Alex told her she was using again; Maggie Q continues to amaze me.

– Michael and Alex’s kiss was insane, and yet I bought it with Nikki amusingly urging them on. It was appropriately uncomfortable.

– Amanda’s quite offensive “I hate Serbia” jab made me laugh.

– I’m glad Birkhoff ultimately saved Sonia. His performing the kill-chip procedure was quite entertaining.

– In hindsight, Nikita sensing something terrible about to happen suddenly becomes quite prophetic and ominous.

– I love that Amanda kept trying to stop Anne from attacking Nikki. For a second I though she was going to kill her henchwoman herself.

– The rousing score, the fiery imagery, Nikki picking up the blade in slow motion. The sequence was just chilling.

Nikki Notables

Birkhoff: Are you ever not armed, seriously?

Sonia: Let’s bait the bitch.
Nikita: I knew I liked her.

Michael: Are we sure this is gonna work?
Nikita: You and me fighting? Amanda catnip.

Nikita: (To Michael) Be a good little spy and kiss her.

Nikita: He’s got a couple of shots of you proposing to me in Tribeca.
Michael: What?
Nikita: Yeah after I took ten showers, I was thinking it might actually be a nice keepsake.

Sonia: (To Birkhoff) I’m about to let you poke at my brain with a needle. Apparently I trust you.

Alex: Lost?
Baker: Cut myself. Going to medical.
Alex: You’re about 12 floors off.

Birkhoff: What was that?
Alex: It was Baker, in the server room, with the candlestick.

A spectacular and utterly powerful hour of Nikita.

Nad Rating


  1. Liked this ep, too, Nadim.

    Another note:
    Amanda: (after seeing the “chip offline” message on her mobile) Birkoff!

    It would be cool to know what kind of mechanical right hand Michael will soon to have.
    I'm sure it will somekind of a prototype to be designed by Birkoff that might be James Bond-y. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Or, they might have salvaged the hand from the vehicle. (yeah, right.)

  2. Haha you're so right I'm sure Birkhoff will come to the rescue with some new prototype! I seriously can't wait for the next episode, the show is on a roll!

  3. I absolutely loved this episode and glad to hear that you thought the same! I look forward to reading your review after every ep.

  4. Wow, this show is ON FIRE this season! What an episode. My jaw is still on the floor.

    Before I get to that epic ending, I love Amanda mentioning how the roles are reversed now: Nikita is in Division now, trying to hunt Amanda, who is constantly on the run. It's a brilliant symmetry to the show's first season and its status quo. Wow.

    BUT THAT ENDING, SERIOUSLY!!! The music just kills me on this show, always elevating the tension perfectly. But Amanda screaming after Anne not to kill Nikita, the slow-mo, the blade…thrilling and absolutely incredible. I can't believe this show ended so soon (hopefully with a bang).

    And Nikita and Michael's fake fight: epic! As was the way they baited Amanda into thinking Michael and Alex were having an affair. What a show!

  5. I swear, this show just keeps getting better with repeated viewings. And this episode was no exception. While I was watching it, I just kept thinking “This is just amazing tv”. And OMG, Michael lost his hand.

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