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Grey’s Anatomy 9×11 – The End Is The Beginning Is The End

"My whole life is not about the cookie."


There’s nothing quite like a weekly dose of the lovable gang at Seattle Grace. I really can’t imagine how horrible it’ll be when Grey’s Anatomy eventually ends (probably next year) because I’ve just grown so accustomed to Shonda’s crazy world. As you imagine, I was quite satisfied with Greys‘ midseason return.

Although the interns are still getting a bit too much focus, I thought this hour still managed to pull off a win. I’m particularly amazed by how engrossing the lawsuit arc has been this year. Instead of burdening us with a a lot of trauma aftermath (since we already dealt with that after the season six shooting), the writers took a different route with the law angle and it’s really paid off. From our gang winning 15 million freakin’ dollars each, to Owen as the “guilty” party, it’s all been especially satisfying and compelling. The final Owen twist with the hospital going bankrupt thanks to the enormous settlement was the perfect icing on top. I really can’t wait to see where they’ll drag us next though I do hope the gang get their millions. It literally felt like I won the money myself seeing as how we’ve suffered with the docs throughout the years. Talk about wish-fulfillment.

Callie was a standout here as she organized the celebratory dinner much to the gang’s wariness. The scene itself was beautifully executed as each of them slowly warmed up to the idea culminating in a full-on celebration (especially after Meredith’s pregnancy reveal) that was superbly juxtaposed with Owen’s world crashing down around him. The final shot with all of them taking a photograph was a perfect bookend. Ignorance is bliss indeed.

Can I just say that Chandra Wilson continues to be gem? Her whole subplot with “vajazzling” was beyond hysterical and Wilson pulled off Bailey’s conflicting reactions towards the topic beautifully. Bailey + humor pretty much always equals comedy gold.

 Bits & Scalpels

– Owen accidentally groping Jo was hilarious.

– I liked the tension between Derek and Owen in this hour. Why wasn’t this explored more previously?

– Christina’s cookie analogy was awesome; I love it when she has fun.

– $15 million is a lot of dough. Seriously.

– The stripper wife and her “sexy flexy” were highly amusing.

– Webber was awesome here, directing his rage at Catherine. I admittedly do love these two together.

– The forgettable intern calling Derek a bitch made him mildly memorable.

– Bailey asking April and then the prehistoric nurse if they vajazzle themselves made me laugh, out loud.

– A giant human hairball? Thank you I just lost my lunch.

– The dialogue was on fire in this episode. See below.

– It’s not everyday you see Arizona and Avery butting heads so I was quite entertained by these two arguing over Sloane’s old patient.

– Jo and Alex as beer buddies was well done. This might have been the first time I could stand Alex in a long while.

– Derek calling Owen at the end was a satisfying development, although a tad rushed.

Grey Banter

Avery: Dr. Webber rejected my mom’s cookies.
Alex: Sounds dirty.

Lenore: I landed on my husband. There was nothing hard about him.

Meredith: We could buy a house.
Derek: We have a house.
Meredith: We could buy another house.
Derek: We could buy five houses.
Christina: We could buy five houses with yards as big as football fields.
Meredith: We could buy the team to play on the football field.
Christina: Who would play against them?
Derek: Well we’d buy another team.
Christina: Mmmm.
Meredith: I just wanted a house.
Christina: More money, more problems.
Alex: Should have been on that damn plane.

Christina: How long do you think before these parasites are hitting us up for a loan?

Bailey: You bedazzled your vagina?
Lenore: It’s called vagazzling. All the stars are doing it.
Callie: Ooh it’s a butterfly!

Christina: Forgive him.
Derek: It’s not that easy.
Christina: I know. Forgive him anyway.

Bailey: What ever happened to regular old sex? Without poles and vaginas dressed up in rhinestones. When did plain old get-naked get boring? I suppose men do it too, vajazzle their penis. Somebody look that up.

Bailey: Kepner you ever vajazzled yourself? Oh right, Jesus isn’t a fan of the vajazzle.

April: Is your equipment working sir?
Patient: Yes
April: Then use it.

A very strong and amusing return from Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. Great episode and great review! I loved the big revelation at the end about the hospital going bankrupt and closing its doors.. although since this is not the final season, I am guessing things won't happen this way… I assume the gang will give up their millions for the hospital but do you think Owen will remain the Chief?

  2. Although I don't want the gang to give up their millions (I really want them to buy five houses and a bunch of football teams), it looks like you might be right! Here's hoping they surprise us!
    And I do hope Owen remains as Chief! I can't see anyone else being entertaining in the role besides Derek. (Or Miranda perhaps?)

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