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Grey’s Anatomy 9×12 – Walking On A Dream

"Don't be sorry, be better!"


Thank you Grey’s Anatomy for proving (much like Desperate Housewives last year) that an aging show can still pull off a great season, nine years into its run. My love for Grey’s Anatomy has not waned over the years, in fact it’s gotten stronger and that’s quite the accomplishment.

 I continue to be intrigued by the crash aftermath particularly the legal/financial aspects. The introduction of Alana, a financial consultant and a former student of Webber’s, was intriguing and I’m looking forward to seeing her ruffle some more feathers going forward. Her threat directed at her former mentor was quite evil, as it looks like there’s more to their past than what we’ve been lead to believe.

However, I was surprised that we didn’t get any on-screen confirmation of Owen letting everyone know that the lawsuit settlement would render the hospital bankrupt. Is he keeping that a secret? Are our survivors still getting paid? Some things still needs to be cleared up.

Arizona experiencing phantom pain is a fascinating little plot. The human body is indeed a spectacular thing and Jessica Capshaw superbly handled this story-line and its intricacies. Alex stabbing her during the surgery was a hilarious climax as was the sweet ending with her and Callie having their beach mediation in bed. This has truly been Arizona’s season and Capshaw is an undeniable standout.

And finally, Meredith was highly amusing throughout the episode. In true Grey fashion, she got some wonderful comedic moments (crying when she couldn’t have sex thanks to pregnancy hormones) while managing to overcome her plane trauma and getting on a flight. As I’ve said many times before, that’s the brilliance of Greys: deftly balancing humor and drama.

Bits & Scalpels

– I seriously loved Bailey referencing the LVAD wire ordeal. It feels like a lifetime ago.

– Christina’s speech to Alana was epic and hilarious culminating with her calling the orphans “precious children”. I died.

– Wow. I was quite stunned with Bailey’s amazing jab at Derek over “falling back on his millions”. It’s an amazing and nuanced reaction which I hope we’ll explore more.

Grey Banter

Christina: African babies are a godsend.
Meredith: You don’t have to tell me.
Christina: No not Zola, not the cute ones. The sick ones, they’re exotically diseased beautiful little train-wrecks.

Meredith: All he has to do is carry a cooler. If he’s been to a PICNIC, he can handle this. Shane, have you ever been to a picnic?
Shane: I’ve been to a picnic.
Meredith: Ooh look at that he’s been to a picnic.

A highly engaging and amusing hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

Nad Rating


  1. I think this is definitely one of my favourite seasons on Grey's! I think I'm enjoying the fact that it's a bit less soap-opery now that are leads are in relationships (and I don't care much about the interns shenanigans so I just ignore them). The aftermath of the crash has definitely been a fascinating tale to follow! :o)

  2. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who is loving these past two seasons. The show just keeps impressing me. And yes, I always ignore the interns 🙂 Except Jo, I think she's SORT of growing on me!

  3. Jo is Karev's new best friend, right? (see! I don't even remember their names!) If so she's the one I'm most ok with as well because she's bringing out an interesting side in Alex and it's nice to see!

  4. I think they already know that the lawsuit settlement would render the hospital bankrupt no? Because Bailey at the end said that the woman is trying to keep the hospital from closing but then again it doesn't make sense that they want to keep working at the same hospital which is going bankrupt so I don't know…

    Anyway I don't know how I feel about the Bailey-Derek confrontation. From one end, she is right I mean she said what everyone else was thinking, everybody wants to keep their jobs at the end of the day, but from the other end, the way she mentioned “a few millions to fall back on” wasn't really fair (I LOVE the look on Derek's face at that moment).

    The scene where Owen yelled at Alex saying “Stab Dr. Robbins in the foot right now!” was Priceless!

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