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The Vampire Diaries 4×11 – Catch Me If You Can

"You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you."


I don’t know what’s happening to The Vampire Diaries this year but I’m really losing interest.

Simply put, show used to be much more compelling (and thrilling). I was sure this season would be epic with Elena’s transformation, but it’s been anything but. The twists don’t seem earned, and a lot of the double-crosses have lost their impact. I hope the show bounces back eventually and regains its status as must-see television because at the moment, it’s sadly become kind of a chore to catch up with the gang of Mystic Falls.

On the bright side, I do appreciate the fact that there’s one goal (the cure) in sight and we have a bunch of teams scrambling to get to it first. Rebekah’s pairing with Stefan in particular, made both characters infinitely more interesting and fun to watch. Elena however, is becoming a drag. She whines and nags and constantly feels sorry for herself whenever one of the Salvatore Brothers tries to grow a backbone. She’s becoming an unlikeable lead and I really don’t think I’d miss her if the writers simply staked her and replaced her with Katherine. That way we’d still get Nina Dobrev, only as a character that doesn’t grate.

I have to admit, I did like the final development with Elena suggesting that Jeremy kills Kol and thus his entire bloodline. It’s an intelligent loophole instead of killing countless of “innocents” himself.

Bits & Bites

– For the second week in a row, TVD used a superb song (Skin By Zola Jesus) that I discovered on Grey’s Anatomy last year.Why so late guys?

– Stefan trapping Damon in the cellar at the end was frustrating but appropriately evil.

– I want to care about Bonnie going nuts (I have been pushing for her to go Big Bad all year) but she’s such a non-character. I really have zero attachment to her plight.

Vampy Zingers

Stefan: I know you were daggered but knocking is still a thing.

Shane: You’re accusing me of mass murder. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?
Sheriff Forbes: It’s Mystic Falls. That’s actually one of the least ridiculous things I’ve heard.

Shane: I’m not crazy, I’m just passionate.

Klaus: I think you need a lesson in “how to properly dagger a sibling.”

Must Download Tune
Skin by Zola Jesus.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh on the show because I was entertained by this. It’s just no anywhere near the pinnacle of what The Vampire Diaries should be producing at this point in the season.

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  1. Yup, I'm kind of out of love with the show this season too! It's no longer “when's it coming out? I need to watch it asap!” but more “ok, I guess I'll watch VD now, or maybe tomorrow…” And part of the problem is definitely Elena. Can't she just be a kick-ass vampire like Caroline? I guess not so long as everyone's searching for this cure… the possibility of a cure is what's stopping her from truly accepting her current state as a vampire. So I'm with Kohl, NO ONE finds it! :p

  2. I have been eagerly waiting for your take on the show this week. I am so disappointed this year and I am feel as though as I am coming to the end. It's hard for me to believe it, especially since this was my favorite show this time last year, but this year's plots are dull.

    I'm torn. On the one hand, as you say it is becoming a chore to watch. On the other hand, however, I am living in hope that the writers are setting up something epic that will make this all make sense at the end. I just wish they could do it without the undertones of misogyny that keep popping up this year as well.

    I like that you can still see the good in this show. It helps me to focus less on the bad.

  3. Double Chris and double disappointments haha!

    I'm relieved that I'm not being overly harsh and that both of you are also disappointed this year. Just as you both mentioned, I just never rush to watch an episode anymore which is just SO sad. At the moment, Scandal is my number one MUST WATCH television and it's sad how one season can make such a difference!

    However, yes.. part of me definitely feels like they are suddenly going to rock our world with one of the most epic seasons of all time. The show has been too spectacular in the past to just whimper out like this. Right????? Am I just in denial? Look at Revenge, something terribly off about the show this year until recently. I guess TVD needs some more time. It's just too bad it's taking them SO.DAMN.LONG.

    Or the show has already peaked and it will never regain its glory. Yep that's sadly possible too!

    Thanks for commenting guys! Always drop by!

  4. Totally agree! I just wanted to mention that Stefan has finally showed Elena that he does not love her anymore and she can be with Damon, but truly an “invisible” stake has been driven through his heart. I hope to see more blood and I hope they get rid of Shane ASAP! Not used to TVD at this caliber! I DEMAND to see more!

  5. It has now come to the point where I no longer
    eagerly wait to watch this show.
    Now it can wait when i'm already in the mood to
    spare it some time.

    Like I said before, can't they all see that
    Elena is enjoying being a vampire?

    I hope your prediction for some epic eps comes true. 🙂

  6. I actually drop by frequently as you keep me up to date with the shows I don't want to watch anymore, but still want to know what is happening.

    As I've mentioned to you before, I really like the new site. Keep up the good work.

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