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The Good Wife 4×13 – The Seven Day Rule

"When the door you've been knocking at finally swings open, you don't ask why. You run through. That is the simple fact."


And this is why I watch The Good Wife.

First things first, Alicia is now an equity partner! I was quite ecstatic when our favorite Florrick was offered the position. It’s an extremely satisfying development after four years of watching Alicia navigate the crazy world of Lockhart-Gardner. As a viewer, you really do share her joy as well as her frustration when the truth behind the decision is finally revealed. The fact that Diane and Will simply needed her contribution to save the company is just dirty (or logical however you want to view it) and Margulies captured everything beautifully. I love how the actress displayed subtle shifts in her demeanor throughout the hour as she slowly uncovered the painful truth. Yes she was hurt, but was she really surprised at the firm for employing this tactic? The final scene itself is a perfect embodiment of what makes this show so much better than your typical law procedural. There were so many dimensions to Diane’s talk with Alicia and the latter’s subsequent appearance as she shook all the partners’ hands. Is Diane proud of what she’s done as she watches Alicia at the end? Or is she dreading what’s to come? So many dimensions, so much Good Wife awesomeness.

As for the rest of the hour, well, David Lee is a frickin’ superstar. He managed to turn a routine divorce-negotiation subplot into a hilarious and often nasty affair (sexual maintenance anyone?). I really do love the guy; he’s the epitome of evil incarnate and he invigorates the show. Canning was also amusing, although I’m starting to get bored of his frequent appearances. The less the better where he’s concerned.

Cases & Bits

– Canning trying to play the judge with his disability as Diane and Will rolled their eyes; never gets old.

– Alicia rushing to return her clothes was very sitcom-y but admittedly amusing. Her reaction to the $600,000 donation was also funny.

– Alicia’s response to Cary being offered partner was priceless.

– I like the rival divorce lawyer woman. Have we seen her before?

– Jordan is still useless.

– Alicia blurting out that she’s an atheist while drunk and horny was epic.

– I really felt for Alicia being humiliated by Canning on the stand, and I adored her strutting past Will and Diane. I’d love for her to turn on them eventually.

– Diane was quite unlikeable scolding Alicia at the end and threatening to take it all away. Or was she quite accurate?

– Poor Margulies sure knows how to plaster a fake smile perfectly.

Good Lines

David Lee: We would suggest re-drafting pages 2 through 68. We’re fine with the cover page.

David: Go ahead Cary you’re the one that discovered it.
Cary: Actually Kalinda did.
David Lee: Actually I don’t care. Someone tell them.

Alicia: (To Eli) Just one scripted line per day please.

Alicia: Just let me know when you want me to say I believe in God, Eli.

Layered and highly compelling, this was The Good Wife at its best.

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  1. As a woman who broke through a glass ceiling or two in my time, the final scene between Diane and Alicia infuriated me. Yes, Diane is right. When anyone is offered a promotion such as a partnership, it is foolish not to jump on the opportunity. But, to threaten Alicia into taking it felt wrong and manipulative to me.

    Diane is someone who has been set up throughout the series as a great mentor of women; we have seen her do it. The scene would have been much more effective if Diane had come in, been a bit compassionate about the hurt that Alicia was feeling and then kicked her in the ass (which, frankly, Alicia needed). By doing what she did, Diane has driven a wedge between herself and Alicia and, as her face showed at the end, knows it. Bad, bad mentoring.

    I loved the final scene with Alicia going around thanking all the partners. What an insight into the politician's wife she must have been before we met her at the beginning of season one!

  2. Excellent point. Loved reading this. And Chris, I'm ecstatic that you must have watched around 13 episodes today πŸ™‚ You really do loooove the show! I'm so proud. keep it up!

  3. I was in desperate need of a day off. I have spent it eating junk food and watching this show. I'm already feeling much, much better. πŸ™‚

  4. Alicia, champagne glass in one hand, smiling at the reporter and stating “I'm an atheist!” was epic!

    I really want the show to have Alicia and Diane be on opposing sides. Their scene at the end was so complex and incredible, and I kinda agree with Diane. She's just as fascinating a character as Alicia in my opinion.

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