Nikita 3×09 – Survival Instincts

"I will never move on from you."


I hate when writers do this: they give you a lousy standalone plot that’s beyond tedious, but still manage to throw in a couple of scenes that are wonderful enough to make the episode somewhat worthwhile. Honestly it’s cheating, and I refuse to offer this episode more praise than it deserves.

The episode’s biggest problem is Ray: an annoying, run-of-the-mill psychopath whose love-life definitely did not deserve to be the episode’s primary focus. It seriously felt like he and his ex got more screen-time than Team Nikita and that’s just not okay. I’m starting to accept the sad reality that Amanda won’t be in every episode, but at least find other engaging antagonists. Let’s hope this is the last standalone plot we’ll get this year because I don’t want a season of fluctuating quality.

Moving on to the good stuff, I was glad to see Sean return after a pretty lame stretch of disappearances. I like Dillon Casey and I think he fits well in the show’s world. His scenes dragged a bit (and he didn’t prove particularly effective in the field) but I absolutely adored his final conversation with Alex and her whole “I’m not most people speech” followed by their Division sex romp. I’m looking forward to seeing these two as an item again and watching Sean further interact with the team (especially Owen).

Speaking of our favorite cleaner, I liked that Michael was being tough on Owen because he’d chosen him as Nikki’s new partner. Obviously Michael will be back in the field eventually but I do love Nikita and Owen out and about together causing mayhem. The latter’s lack of “diction” and finesse add a welcome dose of humor to the proceedings.

Bits & Bullets

– Owen’s handshake cracked me up. Actually Owen in the field in general cracks me up.

– The episode’s highlight was the fantastic albeit short fight between Nikki and Michael which was superbly interact with a similar fight from their old Division days. Nikita always amazes me with its respect for continuity and I hope it never loses that.

– How the hell can Michael get his hand back? What is Birkhoff up to?

– I usually write three times as many points in this section. That says a lot about this episode so step it up show!

Nikki Notables

Birkhoff: (About Owen) I realize why Percy gave him a job that requires no human interaction.

Birkhoff: Owen vs bear would be pretty sweet.

Sean: From what I heard I thought you’d be bigger.
Owen: Really? I didn’t know what you’d look like, because well nobody ever talks about you.
Nikita: Alright let’s move on.

While it has some good moments, this was an undeniably disappointing hour from Nikita and one of the weakest episodes the show’s ever done.

 Nad Rating


  1. More Owen and Sean: yes please! :o)
    Michael needs a kick in the pants to wake him up… Nikita's going to easy on him.
    What kind of weird science is Birkhoff about to propose? (my crazy money's on cloning!)

    What was in the rest of the episode anyhow? :p

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