Arow 1×12 – Vertigo

"The Count? That's worse than The Hood."


I’ve been very disappointed with Arrow lately but it finally looks like the pieces are coming together for one heck of a season.

From Felicity catching on to Ollie’s excuses and bringing him the notebook, to Thea joining Laurel at the law firm, the forward momentum in this was just excellent. I’ve been wanting the season’s various elements to start colliding for a while now and it looks like I’m getting my wish.

The Count was a highly amusing antagonist. He might have been a tad cartoony, but the show needs that because the villains this year have been a bit too realistic and diluted for my taste. Arrow needs a touch of crazy and Vertigo’s creator was just the right amount of Joker-style madness. And now that he’s in an asylum and even more insane, well let’s just say I’m eager for a return appearance.

Thankfully, the flashbacks had a purpose again with a direct link that showcased Ollie’s mentor and his fake-death trick which our favorite superhero utilized in the present (to dupe the Russian mob). Top that off with another appearance by the badass Deathstroke, and we got some pretty compelling material. I’m invested in the island adventures again and I’m hoping that continues going forward because there’s a lot of layers to explore.

Bits & Arrows

– Loved the judge being biased against the Queen family. It’s touches like these that cement the Queens as the most despised family in Starling City.

– I like the concept of Laurel seeing her own sister in Thea. These two should prove highly entertaining and will hopefully find themselves more immersed in Arrow’s activities.

– Very touching reunion scene between Thea and Moira. Really like their dynamic.

– Felicity is too amusing. She better join Arrow’s Scooby gang asap because her brand of humor is just what the show needs.

– I love that we always come back to the damn tennis ball.

– Awesome fight scene with a drugged up Ollie making his through the thugs while losing his balance.

– So is McKenna Hall sticking around for a while?

Starling Quips

Diggle: I can’t believe you just killed that guy.
Oliver: You really have a low opinion of me.

Diggle: How you feeling?
Oliver: Like I’m getting over the worst hangover of my life.
Diggle: That coming from a guy who spent most of his 20s in a hangover is really saying something.

Diggle: Your BS stories are getting worse.
Oliver: Well aware.

Oliver: Should always remember one thing Dig.
Diggle: What’s that?
Oliver: I don’t need the bow.

One of Arrow‘s strongest episodes yet and my favorite in quite a while.

Nad Rating

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  1. ” Diggle: Your BS stories are getting worse.
    Oliver: Well aware.”

    Has got to be one of my favourite exchanges in the whole series! :p

    More Felicity? Check!
    More Thea? Check!
    Cool new villain? CHECK!

    More please!!! 😀

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