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Grey’s Anatomy 9×13 – Bad Blood

"You're gonna choke Grey, you'll choke & die and I will dance and sing."


This was the epitome of a forgettable hour. It was well-executed, but since I’m so used to greatness with Grey’s (and yes I’m being spoiled nine seasons in), episodes like this one can prove to be underwhelming.

I loved the security camera bit. It added a welcome dose of strange wackiness to the proceedings. And anything that gets Christina Yang yabbering and insulting the kids, well that’s just dandy by me. I remember when I didn’t like Yang much, particular in the show’s first few seasons, but the character gradually won me over with her steely resolve. Sandra Oh is a national treasure, and I’m glad the show acknowledges her comedic prowess and frequently presents her with amusing material like in this little eppy.

The patients weren’t particularly compelling which pretty much stops the episode from ever turning truly great. The Jehova’s witness was different, but nowhere near as captivating as you’d imagine. Yang’s intern (whose name I can’t seem to memorize) felt like a second-rate Izzie when she tried to revolt against the system and give the patient blood against his family’s wishes. As for Alana performing trauma surgery on the John Doe, I get what they were going for but it was never especially exciting. In addition, it was obvious it would never amount to anything since she’d obviously made her mind up about the ER and nothing Owen could do was going to change her mind.

Speaking of the ER, is it really closed for good? If the writers do run ahead with this development, then Greys will be a completely different beast come next week. Nevertheless, I have faith that the show will continue to generate a ton of excitement and tension without it (because let’s face it, with Shonda Rhimes’ disaster fetish, these doctors are never safe).

Bits & Scalpels

– Bailey was on fire here. I loved her being the teacher’s pet and revealing her ultra-competitive nature.

– The ballet patient with the hip problem was painful to watch. Did no one else notice the atrociously cheesy musical score every time she opened her mouth? I’m not used to Greys being this forced so that was just dreadful.

– Christina has grown so much. I loved that she was so accepting of the family’s wish to not give their dying son blood.

– Russel wanting Derek’s parking spot was a highly amusing and realistic touch.

– Bailey wearing the winning shirt made me laugh out loud.

– The baby kicking moment was forgettable, but it’s always nice to see Mer (and Derek) happy.

– So who’s buying the hospital?

Grey Banter

Meredith: I’d be happy to give you pointers if you’d like.
Bailey: That bun in the oven may give you job security Meredith Grey, but it does not make you immune from a smack in the mouth!

Intern: When I was 19, I was a completely different person than I am today; I wanted to be a radiologist!
Christina: Wow I feel like I’m seeing a whole new you.

Christina: I hate her.
Meredith: Who?
Christina: My intern. Look at her all mopey-faced just cause she didn’t get her way. We were never mopey-faced. We sucked it up. Why aren’t you in skills lab?
Meredith: Ooh because the baby kicked; wouldn’t stop kicking actually.
Christina: Jerk.
Meredith: No no it’s good actually, kicking is great.
Christina: Maybe I should kick my intern.

An amusing hour of Grey’s Anatomy, but nothing particularly memorable.

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