Nikita 3×10 – Brave New World

"You better hurry. You wouldn't want that beautiful perfect leg to rot and fall off while they're out shopping."


While this was definitely a step up over last week, it’s still not quite the outstanding quality Nikita has tapped into in the past.

The lack of Amanda (or any consistent antagonistic presence) is really hurting the show. When Melinda Clarke is on, the show is more epic than it’s ever been (see Intersection a few weeks ago). But when our villainess disappears, the stories lack a real sense of urgency and excitement.

Although I did like the disturbing twist with Nikki and Michael discovering the kids being trafficked on the plane, the episode’s mission wasn’t the most thrilling. However, it really got me wondering about Michael’s hand. Are they seriously building up to the possibility that he might obtain a regenerated one? That kind of lessens the impact of the whole crisis so I wonder if it’s just a red herring. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The ending was pretty compelling with Ryan bringing in “four” missions from the President as Nikita and the gang realized that it was only “the beginning”. It’s an ominous conclusion that has me sufficiently excited for the rest of the year. The elements are all there for this season of Nikita to be a great one, let’s hope the writers manage to weave them all together into a coherent and satisfying experience. The show did it once last year (the first half of season two was weak while the latter half was spectacular TV) so I’m hoping it will do it again.

Bits & Bullets

– One simple proof why Nikita is better than 90% of the shows out there: our heroine doesn’t jump out of bed when she has a nightmare. She merely opens her eyes (suddenly) like the rest of us. Thank you show for not being needlessly dramatic.

– Nikita explaining to Birkhoff how she “grabs” people made me smile.

– Funny touch with Nikki buying the mistress a new life.

– Woohoo I’ve missed rogue Nikki. She’s been bogged down by partners for too long.

– I got goosebumps when Michael and Alex rushed off to save our heroine.

– Ryan’s “how would Percy handle this” was brilliant and so very fitting. Could Mr. Fletcher be turning into the Big Bad anytime soon?

– Maggie Q’s delivery of the “yay science” line cracked me up. This woman is a comedic genius.

– Loved Alex shooting Kosta in the forehead like a badass. More action from the princess please.

– A lot of comedy in this hour. A highlight was Nikki’s “got it” as she opened the door and knocked the thug out in the airport.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: Who’s this guy, a Bond villain?
Birkhoff: Keep your shirt on double-0-hottie.

Birkhoff: I gather his plan is: step 1, fly to Kosovo. Step 2, kick ass.

Nikita: I’m sorry if gadgets like the kill chip don’t fill me with a sense of wonder.

Nikita: I don’t think I’ll ever get his screams out of my head.
Doctor: When you see him whole again, you will.

An engaging hour but Nikita can do better.

Nad Rating


  1. Though this ep may have less of the thrill we have come to be spoiled with, 🙂
    I enjoyed watching the Birkoff-Nikita banters. (Birkoff's double oh hottie? Hahaha)

    I am happy that Nikki's and Mikey's humanity still went beyond their desire for a new hand.
    This is what this show's “heart” comes from.

    Love our team's team work on this one.
    Pros no less in accomplishing the “bad side” of the deal with the President.

    I agree with you Nadim; the four new “targets” should be the thrill and action ride we have been waiting for.
    Well, we sure do hope so! 🙂

  2. The best thing this series ever did was team up Birkhoff with Nikita! Their loving banter (“Nerd” “Double-oh hottie” etc) is SO MUCH FUN!!!

    That said… they do need to give the others a bit more to chew on! ;o)

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