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Scandal 2×13 – Nobody Likes Babies

"I stole The White House."


In all my years of religious TV viewing, I’ve rarely witnessed a single season as exemplary as Scandal‘s sophomore season. The political thriller has masterfully taken narrative storytelling into a whole new level of intrigue this year.

As always, I barely know where to start. First off, Fitz killed Verna! I still don’t know how I feel about this insanely polarizing development but it was quite the jawdropper. In fact, the entire sequence with Fitz giving the eulogy intercut with Verna revealing the truth before her death was remarkable television. Both Tony Goldwyn and Debra Mooney were utterly spectacular throughout the scene, beautifully capturing their characters’ nuances and layers. Goldwyn is particular has been a revelation this year as he’s managed to maintain the President’s likeability in the midst of all the chaos. And now that Fitz knows the truth about election rigging, well that’s just icing on the cake. I’m fascinated to see what will eventually bring Fitz and Olivia back together in the future.

This was a highly enlightening hour for Cyrus. Jeff Perry has gotten some marvelous monologues over course of the show’s run so far, but his powerhouse performance during his naked screaming match with James was probably his best. Perry expertly tapped into the character’s complicated backstory as we discovered that he had Presidential ambitions of his own, and ultimately settled into Fitz’s shadows thanks to his life choice. Suffice to say, this was some highly compelling material that added even more depth to one of Scandal‘s most captivating characters.

Abby was superb here. While I loved watching the whole gang stand by Liv, our favorite redhead was outstanding as she screwed over David and saved Olivia’s life by swiping the memory card. These two women have a complicated dynamic, and as all the secrets came to light, it was refreshing to see them stick by each other in the end.

I literally have no idea where this show could go next as it feels like we’ve experienced four seasons worth of material in only 13 episodes. This is a glorious predicament indeed. And as a side note, out of Scandal‘s 13 episodes this year, only 10 did not receive an A Nad Rating. How fantastic is that?

Scandalous Bits

– The “Say you’ll wait for me” scene between Liv and Fitz was fine, but something about it felt a bit too forced and Grey’s Anatomy to me. Watch it Shonda.

– Utterly breathtaking scene as Olivia realized Verna was behind the assassination attempt. Immaculately constructed scene with the various edits and flashbacks. This show is art I tell you.

– The Bobble-head was some awesome continuity.

– While Abby’s sex tapes provided a welcome dose of humor, they were also touching as she relived her and David’s most intimate moments.

– Cyrus and Millie both don’t like babies. Shocking.

– Mellie threatening to dance on Fitz’s grave; God she’s unlikable.

– More incredible continuity: Abby discovering that Olivia paid the fake abuse victim (using Harrison no less).

– Quinn wants to hire Huck to kill Hollis? This girl makes me laugh.

– I really loved a resigned Olivia taking out the alcohol, ready to drink herself into a stupor.

– Wow at Cyrus almost killing James (who then lied to the courts to protect his husband).

– Edison is painfully boring. Goodbye man.

– Part of me really wanted Fitz to just hold Verna’s hand as she passed in peace. I was hoping he was above murder.

– Fitz back with Mellie? I guess it’s a case of better the devil you know. Bad Fitz.


Verna: Chin up Olivia. Not like I’m getting away with it.

Abby: The old lady? The Supreme Court Justice? The old lady Supreme Court Justice tried to kill the President?

Cyrus: You heard about Verna?
Mellie: Very sad. May she rest in peace.

James: Did you seriously steal the Presidential election and hoped no one would notice?

Cyrus: I would have been a great President. But guess what, I’m fairly short, and I’m not so pretty, and I really like having sex with men, so instead of being President of this land, that I love, I get to be the guy behind the President of the United States, and sure I have power. I influence decisions. I help steer the country. But I’ll never be in the history books. My name will never be on an airport or a doctrine. Being the guy behind the guy is as far as my road goes.

Olivia: Drink with me.
Harrison: It’s that bad?
Olivia: Drink with me.

Olivia: I donโ€™t want formal, and easy, and simpleโ€ฆ I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love.

Shocking and wholly compelling, this was an extraordinary episode of Scandal.

Nad Rating


  1. Haha.
    As I have commented on last ep, Verna is it!
    Verna is really a warrior through and through.
    A patriot of sorts as only she can make one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A terrible thing; of Fritz offing Verna.
    I had a feeling he did it before the reveal scene was shown.
    I think Verna mentioning Fritz' father was the kicker that made Fritz see red. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The elevator scene with Hollis, Huck and the assassin was fun.
    Bargaining assassins. Funny.

    Harrison, The Mouth's pep talk to Abby was something.
    But I think Abby's loyalty to Liv is beyond expression.
    She was nothing before without Liv giving her a new life.
    Well, all the Gladiators owe Liv their new lives.

    Mellie, as always is always unfazed with anything happening around her.
    Her dismissal of the news of Verna's passing is very I Don't Care. Hahaha.

    Huck gets to be the dad giving sermon to a child with Quinn. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fritz and Liv are now off right now.
    I'm also wondering what will bring them together again.
    Especially with Fritz's guilt in the way.
    Whew, the President, a murderer?
    That's heavy.
    Or, will this be another one of those “I hoped I killed her myself because she's really a bitch” thing far out dream sequence. Hahaha.
    Well, they did it in Dallas. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The editing of this show is top notch.
    Kudos to Shonda and her editing team.

    Good review, Nadim.
    Very shock, after shock ep.

  2. shonda rhimes only planned for this show to have 13 episodes this season but then it got a full season order thats why this episode seemed like it was 5 episodes crammed into 1, hopefully they could keep this pace going for a very long time

  3. I also rejoice in Edison's departure! He really added nothing to…anything. I liked the Abby/Olivia dynamic this week. Olivia's been sort of a mom to her and Abby just had her “OMG, Mom's not perfect” moment. I like that she chose to help her anyway. I hope Abby gets more to do this season. I love the actress, but her character is often just grumpy.

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