Smash 2×0102 – On Broadway / The Fallout

"Jerry! I thought I felt a chill."


Let’s say it like it is: Smash is a very forgettable show.

Its debut season last year was an intriguing behind-the-scenes look into the production of a wannabe Broadway musical. The show wasn’t particularly exciting, but I stuck with it due to my intense love for Katharine McPhee and a few moments of brilliance.

Apparently the show was overhauled before the start of season two but I have to say, it’s gotten worse. While I appreciate the fact that they fired a bunch of annoying cast members (Ellis comes to mind), this two hour premiere was pretty tedious to watch and that’s too bad. The show has potential to be highly entertaining, but it won’t last with generic episodes like this one (or with the ratings it got).

Even my love for McPhee is starting to wane. I was hoping Karen would be more confident this year and less of a goody two-shoes, but alas she’s still insecure and annoying. If anything, Derek is the current standout in the cast as he’s starting to feel the ramifications of his womanizing ways.

And finally, I hate to say it, but even the musical numbers were slow and boring which was not the case last year. I won’t give up on the show yet, but the future doesn’t look promising.

I will give them this though; the new opening credits are very slick.

Underwhelming and slow, this was a disappointing return for Smash.

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  1. Really? I felt it was a B-!

    I like the changes, it felt a bit more alive! But yeah, a few too many slow musical numbers… They don't have the urgency of the Bombshell numbers from last year…
    I was glad to see Ivy didn't down those pills though!

    Anyhow, I'm curious to see where they take this!

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