A+ Episode Revenge

Revenge 2×13 – Union

"I promise I will take a wrecking ball to every bit of this pathetic life you've chosen."


Oh lord, this was astounding. In fact, it was the season’s first perfect episode.

Brimming with the kind of emotion Revenge used to deliver on a consistent basis in season one, this was a glorious hour that further elevated the season into a whole other level. Suddenly, I’m not worried about the show anymore.

What an enlightening hour for our protagonist Emily Throne. VanCamp produced her strongest scene ever in the cemetery with Aiden as she spoke of her father and pleaded with Aiden to stay by her side. I can’t remember that last time I loved a scene from the show this much. It was immensely satisfying after watching her steely resolve for a season and a half. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the writers completely broke Emily down during that magnificent wedding scene. Having Amanda and Jack’s wedding intercut with Emily and Jack’s pretend union as kids was simply genius (and heartbreaking) on every level. Wow.

Victoria was also on fire in this episode as this was probably my favorite episode yet for the character. Madeleine Stowe was beyond superb here as she scrambled to save her son and finally came out of the shell she’d been hiding in all year long. The moment she shot Helen was simply epic and proved that Mama Grayson is indeed a badass. The character seriously had a ton of brilliant moments from leading Daniel to safety with a phone-call (as The Initiative listened in) to casually stepping over Helen’s body as she made herself a drink.

Seriously, this episode was incredible

Vengeful Bits

– Wow I really missed baby Amanda.

– I knew Aiden’s sister had died years ago.

– So Aiden’s dad loaded the bomb onto the original plane. Did we know that already? Because it’s a pretty cool link between our two revengers.

– What a wonderful flashback between Victoria and David back when he was in prison. I enjoy anything having to do with their affair.

– I’m sorry but the dumbest thing of all time is Emily actually using the word “infinity” as her password. I won’t believe it and it’s pathetic to expect us to. She’s supposed to be a brilliant mastermind. Surely you could have found another way writers!

– Amanda was quite sneaky, blackmailing Conrad with Emily’s evidence.

– I’m glad Nolan confronted Padma about being a mole. I could care less about her hostage daddy.

– I got seriously creeped out when Vicki revealed the truth about the Initiative to Daniel as nasty old Helen Crowley watched on.

– Emily’s tears during the wedding especially with the “ring” really got to me. Bravo Miss VanCamp. You are truly talented.

– Funny how it seemed like Emily didn’t care about Daniel “breaking” up with her after everything else.

– So Helen didn’t bring her sniper bodyguards to the lion’s den? Really?

– Gorgeous shot with the Graysons standing over Helen’s body.

– I love the fact that Emily and Aiden are back together again. They make an awesome duo.

– Pretty cool horror-movie ending with Nate on the boat with Amanda and Jack. So who’s gonna die next week as we reach the premiere’s flashforward?

Devious Delights

Ashley: Victoria do you mind? We’re actually in the middle of things.
Victoria: And fully clothed. How refreshing.

Aiden: I’m sorry if I’m not as cold and calculating as you. I can’t just turn my feelings on and off like the flick of a switch.
Emily: Is that what you think? That I don’t feel? That I don’t miss my father every single day? That I don’t mourn the life I could have had? But that’s why people like you and me fight. Because it gives us something to live for when everything else has been taken away. I thought you understood that. I thought we shared that. We can do this together Aiden. Don’t go. Aiden don’t leave me alone in this.

Nolan: Let’s just say in the wrong hands, Carrion would have millions of people wishing I’d never taken “intro to computers” in fourth grade.

Victoria: You monster.
Helen: Takes one to know one hmm?

Helen: It’s empty.
Victoria: (Raising a gun) This isn’t.

Emotionally charged and gripping, this is one of the finest hours Revenge has ever produced.

 Nad Rating


  1. Great episode indeed, really deserves the A+ rating!! Victoria was my favorite character in this hour especially in the final scenes with Crowley and the way she staged the fake conversation with Daniel… I also loved the scene where Conrad comes in declaring they have a rather extraordinary problem and Victoria steps aside saying I think I'll go first! I really don't care about Padma either now that her play is out in the open.. I am glad to see Emily and Aiden back together… Can't wait for the next episode…

  2. i loved this episode for the first time this season i was actually entertained for the whole hour,i guess mike kelley has been listening to his fans but i hope the ratings go back up next week

  3. She's one cold Queen V.
    The Queen in her element.

    It's great that Ems and Aiden are together again.
    I hope they don't get separated again; that bond
    they have should weather the test of time and life.

    Love this ep. MOre of these kind of eps, please!

    And Daniel, now, listen to Mom, okay? 😀

  4. I've made it to this episode already 😀 Man, this has been one helluva ride. What a magnificent hour, and definitely deserves the A+ rating. That scene with Aiden and Emily at the cemetery…your words said exactly what I was thinking; truly one of the most emotional and captivating scenes in this show since its debut.

    I loved Victoria, Conrad and Daniel standing over Helen's dead body! Brilliant shot! Also, Conrad walking into the pool house saying that “we have a problem with Amanda Clarke”, and then Victoria saying “I'll go first,” as she walks out of Conrad's way, giving him a view of what she's done…awesome!

    Can't wait to watch how the rest of the season unfolds. As always, you've written everything I was thinking. Hopefully, this season will give me more reason to comment (because yeah, it went through a few bumps at first with all that “Initiative” stuff). Trying to steer away from spoilers as much as possible!

  5. Woohoo. I'm glad you're making you way so quickly through the show. Love reading your thoughts as you watch. More please 🙂

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