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The Vampire Diaries 4×13 – Into The Wild

"I don't care what happens to you. But if you're gonna die, it's gotta be epic."


Well this hour started promisingly enough with the gang outside of Mystic Falls for once. Sadly that’s where the positives stop because this episode proved to be yet another boring and tedious outing for a show that’s slowly but surely losing all of its luster this year.

The worst thing I can say is that I’m just not excited to watch (or review) TVD anymore, and that’s a real shame. The show’s second season and a lot of its third season were must-watch television, but this year has been disappointing on practically every level. I know everything can change with one twisty hour of TVD (let’s again hope that’ll be next week) but the writers are seriously testing my loyalty to the show.

Can we just meet Silas already? The gang literally paced around the island for forty minutes creating useless obstacles and needless drama. The Vampire Diaries never drags things out so this flaw was painfully apparent. How terrible.

Bits & Bites

-I liked that the whole cast was together in one location for once. They should hunt for cures together more often.

– Caroline reminding Klaus that he killed Jenna was quite satisfying. That is until he stabbed her and dragged her into the spell-zone.

– Elena telling Damon to take the cure with her was an admittedly touching moment.

Vampy Zingers

Rebekah: Elena has no point.

Damon: What about me?
Rebekah: You have a nice behind.

Caroline: You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you.
Klaus: (After biting her) Now that was definitely worth the calories.

Caroline: How could you do this to Tyler? His mom? Me?
Klaus: I’m a thousand years old. Call it boredom.

An extremely boring hour of The Vampire Diaries.

 Nad Rating


  1. *sigh* What's up with VD this season? I blame it on a lame vampElena. Had they taken her the KAtherine route things would have been quite different! ;o)

    I'm hoping it gets better. As it is I tend to wait a bit before watching it. I no longer feel that excitement that rushes me to watch it asap. :o(

  2. A very ho-hum ep, Nadim.

    Kill off Elena and bring back Katherine; I agree with you on this, Cris.

    I'm already not so eager to watch this show every week.

    It's now a wait if my mood strikes ep for me.

  3. You guys no idea how much I wish they replaced Elena with Katherine. I think that would actually solve all of the show's problems 🙂

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