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Arrow 1×14 – The Odyssey

"I'm trapped on an island, and my only friend is named Wilson."


Outstanding. This felt like a whole new show. By the time the finale comes along, Arrow just might be one of the most gripping shows on television and that’s really something to get excited about.

The first five minutes alone were exhilarating as Moira begged for her life only to pull out a firearm and shoot at at our vigilante like a badass. And just as I was recuperating from this superb moment, Oliver brought Felicity into the equation. I’m ecstatic this development happened so soon as Arrow needs another member in his support team. The great thing about having Felicity on board (besides her special brand of comedy) is that the girl actually questions the team’s tactics particularly Oliver slicing and dicing people left and right. This is gonna be good.

Now seriously, can Slade Wilson be any more awesome? I’d never seen Manu Bennett in anything before but he’s pretty fantastic as Ollie’s brutal mentor. The dynamic between these two guys made the episode an utter joy to watch. If this is what the island flashbacks will look like from now on, then it’s going to be one hell of a ride. I’m wondering though, what Slade is up to in present times? Is he the villainous Deathstroke complete with mask and all? I can totally see him being the show’s ultimate big bad. He’s exactly the kind of unhinged antagonist the show needs.

Bits & Arrows

– How weird was that Laurel dream? Katie sure looked gorgeous though.

– Slade judging Oliver for sleeping with the Lance sisters was awesome.

– Pretty cool moment with Ollie calling Laurel from the island and not being able to say anything.

– So Yao Fei’s daughter is being held hostage? Their reunion was very touching, and I’m extremely intrigued by her tattoo (which Ollie also has). Hmmm…

– The action in this episode was just a whole new level of awesomeness. I loved the entire sequence with Deathstroke beating up Ollie only to get stabbed by Slade who then got shot by Fyers. Talk about insane thrills.

– Island Ollie still refusing to kill people was admirable. It’s fascinating to watch his slow transformation into remorseless killer.

– So who’s bossing Fyers on the phone? Someone from The Undertaking or a whole new supervillain?

– Felicity asking for the bathroom; hilarious.

– Look like a real rift is brewing between Ollie and Diggle regarding Moira. Mama Queen sure is causing a lot of trouble.

– I just realized we didn’t get a single lame voiceover in this ep. Woohoo. Hopefully, never again!

Starling Quips

Felicity: You’re bleeding.
Oliver: I don’t need to be told that.

Felicity: Something tells me bloodstains are not covered under my lease.

Felicity: I’m guessing how and why are Oliver Queen’s least favorite questions.
Diggle: Yeah well there’s also when and where that he’s not too fond of.

Slade: How did you survive here for 6 months? I know girl scouts who have more fight in them.

Felicity: I may be blonde but I’m not that blonde.

Diggle: It’s less stressful when he’s jumping off rooftops.

Slade: I’m impressed you didn’t puke.
Oliver: I swallowed it.

Oliver: I guess I didn’t die, again. Cool.

Oliver: So how am I going to explain this one?
Diggle: Hicky gone wrong?

Confident, exciting and surprisingly funny, this was an incredible hour of television and the Arrow‘s first perfect episode.

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  1. Badass Moira, yeah! I was pleasantly surprised with that turn of events, guess we know where Oliver gets some of his inner strength from!

    VERY happy with this episode! For once the flashback felt crucial, instead of an extra, and we get more Felicity, YAY!!! I love her Whedon-worthy one-liners! :o)

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