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Grey’s Anatomy 9×14 – The Face Of Change

"I turned them down. This face only goes on the Nobel brochure."


The highlight of this episode for me was Callie and Webber’s undercover mission as Mr. and Mrs. Plantene. The two have an easy and playful chemistry between them that I wish we saw them together more often. I don’t know how I never really saw the final twist coming with our millionaire docs buying the hospital but it’s a pretty genius idea. It does sort of take the urgency out of the storyline but I’m nevertheless satisfied by this turn of events.

Can it be? Do I finally like Alex? It seems that his dynamic with Jo has made the ass infinitely more likeable. Obviously these two were going to get together eventually but the writers have built up their friendship with so many layers that I imagine it would be quite fitting to see them get together. The final doughnut moment was excellent, and I have a feeling Jo is going to be quite shocked by Alex’s incoming proclamation of love. I’m eager to see how she reacts.

As for our patients, I didn’t find myself the least bit attached to the transgender couple which is a pity. Nevertheless, it’s a very relevant topic in this day and age so it’s great that Greys managed to tackle it with the respect and weight it deserved. The trauma surgery in the dark and abandoned ER was definitely more compelling for me as it’s always great to see the docs band together for one common purpose (while bending the rules in the process).

Bits & Scalpels

– Jo & Alex woofing was pretty funny.

– Avery and Stephanie still bore me. April and the paramedic are a bit better.

– Product placement on all my shows is really getting out of hand especially with all these tablets. That was the Microsoft Surface wasn’t it? That darn device has invaded all my shows!

– Loved the final moment with the Chief contemplating retirement as the elevator doors closed with our new spokesperson, Derek Shepard, smiling like a doofus.

While not particularly impressive this was an entertaining hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. You seriously didn't consider that possibility?! The moment they mentioned the hospital would go bankrupt, the first thought that crossed my mind was “the new millionaires will save the day!”.

    Chief and Callie together -> brilliant! :o)

    And yeah, MS must be spending a boatload of money to get all those tablets on so many shows! Not working with me though… I'm an Apple person to the core! :p

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