Scandal 2×14 – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

"I may not be able to control my erections around you but that does not mean I want you. We are done."


God it feels great to have a fresh episode of Scandal. I know it’s only been a week but the show is that darn good.

I have to say I’m quite intrigued by David Rosen taking center stage with the murder plot. He wasn’t always the most intriguing character but this hour provided him with quite a bit of compelling material. It’s sad what’s become of him though (grandmother paying his rent and all) but he’s become very sympathetic. I’m loving the fact that he and Olivia are on the same team now with her striving to protect him. Their dynamic is always unpredictable and entertaining to watch.

The Prez sure has hit rock bottom hasn’t he? It’s funny really how judgmental he was of everyone after suffocating Verna in cold blood. The guy was acting like a spoiled child throughout and I sort of wanted the Seal team to die on his account. Interestingly, there’s a mole in town which should only make things more explosive. I am wondering how far they’re going to take his alcoholism though.

Can I just say that Scott Foley is already a perfect fit for the show? His chemistry with Kerry Washington was easy and playful, and that ending was just epic with him watching Olivia through surveillance cameras. The girl’s finally trying to move on by asking him out so it’s heartbreaking to watch her fall into this betrayal (I guess what goes around does indeed come around).

Scandalous Bits

– Ten months later! What an incredible opening with Liv swimming profusely intercut with the sex scene.

– So the President gets blowjobs too? That Mellie sure is frisky! God this show is epic.

– Quinn has a knack for cleanup. Ha.

– I was very amused by Mellie’s shock at her husband wanting to spend time with the baby.

– I love a hurt Olivia telling David “you can’t afford me.”

– Mellie throwing Cyrus under the bus was devious and brilliant.

– Fitz & Mellie; a pair of brats running the country. Lord help us.

– That hairstyle sure makes Olivia look a zillion times hotter.

– Standout sequence: the christening scene transiting into a full-on sex romp. It was raw, dirty and incredibly well done.

– Was Fitz was having some erection problems there with Mellie at the end? It sure looked like it.


Ballard: Sorry about that. Is it okay? Did I short-circuit your life?

Ballard: Once I saw the Vice President take someone else’s latte. Not cool.

David: What do you think she wanted from me? That we faked the moon landing? That a Starbucks tall is really a small?

David: How much do I owe you?
Olivia: What?
David: For your services? Or did you take a commission when I sold my soul to the Devil?

Another week, another exceptional episode of Scandal.

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  1. I'm so grateful I don't live in Scandal-verse right now. Fitz has gone off the freaking deep end. It's not something I look for in a president.

    Totally agree with you on Olivia's new hair. It's adorable.

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