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The Vampire Diaries 4×14 – Down The Rabbit Hole

"Do I look like I know anything about tattoos? Look at my skin. It's flawless."


I can’t express how bored out of my mind I was with this episode. It just would not end, and I did everything but look at the screen. But then, something epic happened: Katherine returned!

I’ve been looking forward to Miss Pierce’s return for the longest time and I’m ecstatic that she’s back. The villainess vampire is exactly the shot of adrenaline this show needs. In a matter of minutes, she managed to knock out Elena (thank God), feed Jeremy to Silas (thus waking him), and capably rush off with the single dose of the cure. Too brilliant.

Speaking of Jeremy, his apparent “death” surprisingly didn’t leave much of an impact on me. It just feels like a trick as I seriously doubt they’d deprive Elena of her last surviving family member. If they do go ahead with it, I commend them and the show might regain some of its luster agian.

The rest of the cast really grated on my nerves this week. Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie, Klaus, SHANE! It’s a pity really but I detest the entire crew except for Damon and Katherine. Why are they all so darn unlikeable and annoying?

Let’s see if Katherine can restore my love for TVD. God knows she’s my last resort.

Vampy Zingers

Vaughn: How does it feel when a relentless eating machine is draining the blood from your veins?
Damon: Itchy.

A tedious hour saved by one epic development that could end up salvaging the season.

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  1. OMG Jeremy!!! Based on previews for the next ep it really is permanent! That's sooo going to push Elena off the deep-end! We might finally get a decent Elena-Katherine confrontation!

    So glad she's back btw, definitely going to spice things up! And creepy Silas is on the loose??? TROUBLE!!!

    Not surprised by Rebekah's double cross…

    C-, really? B for me! (not more 'cause I didn't believe the Jeremy death would stick either, so in the moment it had less of an impact)

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