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Grey’s Anatomy 9×15 – Hard Bargain

"Derek's head is the face of the hospital. And the hair."


This was a very weird episode of Grey’s Anatomy. That’s not to say I didn’t like it, it was just strange.

From the bizarre horror movie opening and creepy musical score, to the hospital (and the gang) pretty much falling apart at the seams, I found myself strangely enthralled by this freaky hour. It definitely didn’t feel like a typical episode of the show but that’s not always a bad thing I guess.

I have a big issue with the gang spending all of their winnings on the hospital. I hope that won’t be the case (it probably will) because it totally ruins the wish fulfillment thing us audience members had going. Christina’s reaction to the suggestion with her laughing in Mer’s face was remarkably satisfying and I wish she didn’t give in. Nevertheless it makes for some great drama, particularly with Christina hiding their purchase from Owen.

Bits & Scalpels

– Loved Arizona exploding at Derek about feeling “guilty”. He sure has been a punching bag lately.

– Derek’s picture all over the hospital was pretty amusing.

– Ice Bitch and Mr. Maxi-Pad made me laugh. This show always amazes me with the variations of patients they manage to come up with.

– Bailey screaming out at the cancer patient’s dad and urging him to leave Seattle Grace was pretty powerful.

– A Rihanna song on Grey’s Anatomy? I hate to say it, but it kinda worked.

– I’m rarely entertained by April’s storylines but the twist with the Paramedic himself being a virgin, and her lying since she’s technically a born-again one is just delightful. I definitely see the appeal of a little white lie and I can’t wait till it explodes in her face.

– I’m so amused by Jo dating someone else and Alex being jealous. I like seeing the jackass miserable.

– One of my favorite musical discoveries of the last week is Ellie Goulding’s Dead In The Water. So imagine my excitement when Grey’s used it to bookend the hour. I only wish the scenes themselves were more emotional to fully capitalize on the song’s power.

Grey Banter

Christina: What are you talking about? Mousy, speak!

Alex: They had to be together. It’s just right you know.
Jo: That’s beautiful. You should write poetry or greeting cards.
Alex: I’m just saying it could work.
Jo: Do you have a blog I could follow?
Alex: Shut up.

Must Download Tune
Dead In The Water by Ellie Goulding.

A somewhat odd albeit intriguing hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

Nad Rating


  1. In my opinion this episode deserves more than a B- rating. I love the fact that they have to work out a plan to buy back the hospital (although as you mentioned I would have loved for them to keep the money for themselves). I thought the story would go with them having enough money and they would directly buy the hospital and that would be it! I am glad that is not the case.. I loved seeing them plotting the whole thing although the van and all the meetings were strange you are right!

    Callie being half scared to death was Hilarious!!

    I was also surprised with the choice of a Rihanna song but yes it worked. I am loving the soundtrack this season more than ever!!

    I feel Owen and Christina are gonna fall apart and Owen is going to turn to Cahill since from his point of view she is the only one who didn't turn her back at him.. I feel we are being prepared for that moment…

  2. The van meetings were indeed hilarious! I liked how the camera kept spinning from person to person. It contributed to the offbeat/comedic tone this episode had going for it.

    Owen and Cahill is creepy but I see what you mean and it could make sense. I do hope they don't go there and keep Christina and Owen together. They've had enough drama!

    Tahnks Tagouga! You kind of made me appreciate the episode more 🙂

  3. I thought this episode was a lot of fun (crazy van meetings!!!) and pretty well thought-out for the hospital purchase situation. But yeah, I'm afraid it's going to come back and bite Christina in the ass on the Owen front, and that I DON'T like!

    I also liked the fact that the money they had wasn't enough, that they have to think the whole thing through, find partners and make a plan. So not so easy after all! Much more realistic and easier to believe. I didn't know doctors couldn't “own” the hospital they work in!

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