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The Good Wife 4×14 – Red Team / Blue Team

"We don't negotiate with terrorists and this is corporate terrorism!"


Wow. What an utterly astonishing hour. The Good Wife‘s last outing was indeed a spectacular little eppy, but this was even more perfect.

I don’t know where to start; this show has so many layers that it feels like I’m writing a thesis whenever I try to analyze anything. Characters on The Good Wife exist in a fascinating sort of grey area where nothing is clear-cut and a single line, scene or look can mean any number of things. That’s the utter brilliance of the show and there’s really nothing quite like it on television.

Let’s start with Alicia; what a wonderfully complicated and absorbing character she is. Julianna Margulies seriously astounds me on a weekly basis because she imbues Mrs. Florrick with a plethora of layers and details that make her feeling terrifyingly real. Take this episode for example; Alicia’s partnership is snatched back from her, only to be returned in a foul plot to break up the fourth year associates and their impending mutiny. I love that Alicia herself was so conflicted throughout: should she jump ship with Carey and form a whole new firm? Should she hang him out to dry and accept the offer once again? The whole shebang was fascinating to watch unfold and really made me question my own beliefs had I been in the same position. We’ve all felt used and abused at work, so part of me really wanted Alicia to ditch Lockhart-Gardner and tear the house down with Florrick, Argo and Associates. Actually, I still have high hopes that Cary’s plan might come to fruition as it would probably make the show even more epic. Nevertheless until then, it will be undoubtedly awesome to watch Alicia on a sort-of equal playing field with Diane and Will. But truly, Margulies’ performance is a nuanced thing of beauty ladies and gentlemen and that can not be overstated.

Is it wrong that I kind of despise Will and Diane these days? They’ve gotten quite ruthless lately and it’s evident that since they’re out of their little debt crises, they won’t be playing the fairest game with our associates. Again, would I do things differently? I don’t really know. I did love the mock trial however, and it was immensely satisfying to see Alicia and Carey mop the floor with their seniors. I’m not sure how I felt about Alicia and Will’s kiss but I did love the aftermath with the camera tracking her all the way back to the elevator as she questioned her sinful move. Awesomeness.

Now had the above been the sole focus of the hour, I still would have cherished this episode. However, the inclusion of the magnificent Elsbeth Tascioni made me seriously adore it. I can not praise the writers enough for partnering her with Eli Gold as they make a hilarious duo, and the latter finally gets to do something worthwhile. And introducing Kyle MacLachlan as their foil? Well that was pretty perfect (particularly his romantic interest in the lovable Elsbeth). Here’s hoping these three remain in each other’s crosshairs for a long time to come.

And finally, I have to mention David Lee who was evil incarnate here. I’m usually extremely amused by him but he was quite horrible with Alicia in this one. That little dig about making her partner because of her governor husband was a major low-blow. Nevertheless, I guess he’s the perfect villain you love to hate. Or are there really any villains on this show?

Cases & Bits

– Alicia’s opening speech in the mock trial was epic. I particularly enjoyed her belittling Will’s incoming tactics.

– The most I’ve ever laughed out loud on The Good Wife was during the actress’ dramatic death monologue. I died.

– Changing the numbers on the evidence? Seriously pissed me off.

– I kind of want Alicia and Carey to get together as a couple. They sure have the chemistry for it. Do we think that might ever happen?

– The mock judge (and his incessant need for bathroom breaks) was another comedic highlight.

– This is how I like my Kalinda: helping out Alicia & Carey and showing her face in small doses.

– Loved Elsbeth and Eli’s wiretap plot. Genius.

Good Lines

Carey: What was that?
Alicia: I think I was just mugged.

Grace: Are you guys quitting?
Alicia: No. Plotting.

Witness: More or less.
Carey: In what way less?

Jordan: Eli, there’s a weird lady here to see you.
Eli: Elsbeth, come on in!

What a remarkable and marvelous hour. Top-notch television at its finest.

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  1. I didn't really think Alicia would leave with Cary… perhaps after several more affronts like that one, but not after this first one. She's too worried about the financial risks of leaving the firm because of her kids!
    But yeah, epic episode!!! And it will be very interesting to see the shift in Alicia's position as a partner now! ;o)

  2. By far, the best episode this show has ever done. Loved everything about it, especially all the passion and emotion that came pouring out of Alicia. She is usually so careful and reserved; to see her so angry was fantastic!

    The scene with Will was so great, I watched it three times. Here are two people who broke up, not because they didn't care about each other any more but because they respected the world in which they work. The shouting match was great, but the kiss was a fascinating character study. Although it was fueled by passion, the kiss itself was gentle and loving. Wonderful acting on both parts.

    I'm sorry that Alicia and Cary have been torn apart like this. I loved watching them work together on the mock trial and I love the idea of the two of them starting their own firm. I hope this is an idea that the writers will return to as the series continues.

  3. Wasn't this just spectacular? I was hoping you'd love it too! It truly is one of the best things this show has ever produced. Magnificent.

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