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"You lost your hand because you're a simple-minded piece of shit."


The Walking Dead is in a bit of rut. Well for a second week in a row that is.

The show has had an utterly magnificent season, its best yet in fact. But ever since Dead came back from its hiatus, it hasn’t been quite so awesome. This episode wasn’t the most enthralling outing until that fantastic final sequence. The attack on the prison was awesome in every way and did a lot to save the hour. From the sudden gunshot that killed creepy whats-his-name to the Governor’s van of zombies (brilliant), I was on the edge of my seat throughout trying to keep track of our gang. The show needs this sense of urgency on a constant basis so I do hope it’s maintained in the coming weeks.

Rick going insane isn’t the most entertaining thing to watch but I won’t deny that it was satisfying to see Laurie again. Nevertheless, here’s hoping we move past this soon or it builds up to something explosive. The less said about Andrea the better. Writers, please kill her off or make her likeable again. Would anyone in their right mind still be by The Governor’s side in Woodbury after everything that’s happened? It’s too forced people.

Zombie Bites

– The rape conversation between Maggie and Glen was pretty uncomfortable to watch. Why did she hit him?

– Darryl and Meryl were okay in their little subplot. I did enjoy the former calling his brother out on his racism though. Definitely didn’t expect that.

Finally Michonne kicked ass again. Loved her running and slicing to save dear ol’ Hershel.

A slow moving hour that was salvaged by a stunning conclusion.

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