Arrow 1×15 – Dodger

"I'm not Robin Hood."


Why Arrow why? You finally knocked my socks off last week with an astounding hour (and probably your best outing yet), and you decide to follow it up with this unexciting formulaic episode? Growing pains I guess.

I’m going to let this one slide because I’ve seen the potential this show has, but this hour was just unacceptable after last week’s masterpiece. Do the writers think we’re dying for another villain-of-the-week amidst a flurry of superfluous subplots? Granted James Callis sort of salvaged the plot with his accent and taser but why should I even care when I know Arrow is going to dispose of him by the end of the hour? Here’s hoping the writers are planning a mega villain team-up by the time the finale comes along to make all these standalone plots worthwhile.

Naturally, the highlight of the hour was Felicity’s integration into Arrow’s Army. She adds just the right dose of humor to the proceedings while still managing to ask some weighty questions about Oliver’s tactics. I wish I could say I was as amused by the episode’s romantic subplots but I felt Ollie and McKenna fell flat (what was up with his sudden island trauma during the date?) and Diggle with Carly felt very run-of-the-mil. I have a feeling they’re going to be viciously murdering Carly soon (it just feels like the dramatic thing to do) and I can’t say I’d miss her.

I’m not sure how I feel about the island flashbacks this week. I liked the fact that we witnessed what was probably Ollie’s first ruthless act on the island as he opted not to save the prisoner (?), but I wanted more material with Slade who was relegated to being sick and useless.

Thankfully the ending was outstanding. After several meetings with one of her associates from The Undertaking (tell us more already), Moira meets with none other than The Triad’s China White (who was several underused in her previous outings) and asks her to kill Malcolm Merlyn. Awesomeness. I’m definitely pumped.

Bits & Arrows

– I love our trio discussing their plans (and flirty ways) over burgers.

– Is it just me or does Janina Gavankar (McKenna) look exactly like Rekha Sharma (the fence woman)? Seriously I thought they were one and the same. Plus, after some research it seems they’ve both guest-starred on a zillion of my favorite shows.

– Wow Felicity looks hot in that dress. That is, until she found herself wearing the decapitating necklace.

– The bike chase was a fun, big-budget set piece (for the stunt doubles at least). I guess Stephen Amell was tired that week.

– Ollie severing the nerve was a pretty cool yet convenient resolution.

– Colton Haynes joins the cast this week in the purse snatcher subplot as a love interest for Thea. I can’t say he really left much of an impression but I’m willing to see where it goes.

Starling Quips

Felicity: Is this really how you guys figure out how to get your target? Over burgers and shakes?

Oliver: That’s not typically how I get my information.
Felicity: How do you typically do it?
Oliver: I find the person, then I put the fear of God in them. But we can try it your way.

A disappointing and ultimately disposable hour of Arrow.

Nad Rating

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  1. I let out a squee of joy when I realised Baltar and Tory were in the same scene!!! :o)

    Otherwise, yeah, wasted episode! Specially after last week… Diggle has no romantic chemistry whatsoever! Please don't show us more of his lame attempts! (bringing up the dead brother? seriousy?!?!?!) As for McKenna, how could she not drop it? Asking question after question of what you know had to be a very traumatising experience for your date? Mood-killer for sure!

    I'm hoping they give us some good stuff with Colton Haynes… at least enough to compensate for his leaving Teen Wolf!!! :p

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