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The Vampire Diaries 4×15 – Stand By Me

"Aren't you Elena's current love? It's so hard to keep track these days."


How was this not the season finale? Oh. my. lord.

I can confidently say that this hour singlehandedly returned The Vampire Diaries to greatness. Props to Nina Dobrev who finally got the opportunity to act again and deliver an utterly astounding powerhouse performance. Seriously the girl was a revelation here, and I was completely engrossed by her trying to come to terms with Jeremy’s horrifying death. I still can’t believe they offed little Gilbert; TVD‘s always had balls but this was another level. I honestly never assumed they’d ever kill him off after taking Jenna and Alaric away from orphan Elena. It’s a remarkably courageous decision from a writing standpoint, and I really can’t wait to see the aftermath.

The standout sequence of the hour and probably one of the best things TVD has ever produced was Elena uncovering Jeremy’s body followed by her breathtaking monologue in the living room as she tried to set the house on fire. Suffice to say, Dobrev blew my mind and infused the scene with so much emotion and depth. Having encountered so much death myself, I found this scene especially touching and relatable. And when Damon asked her to turn her humanity off? Well Nina just knocked it out of the park and completely owned the terrifyingly numb demeanor.

In other news, Silas took on Shane’s form and now has Bonnie firmly on his side. I really wanted to see Silas’ real appearance so I’m hoping he sheds Shane’s appearance very soon. We need a threatening big bad and Shane’s face is definitely not it. Happy massacring Bonnie.

And finally, what a seriously stunning end shot with Elena and the Salvatore brothers walking out of the burning Gilbert home. It just feels so permanent and poignant. Wow.

Bits & Bites

– The “smell” of the body decomposing was really unsettling.

– Damon using Rebekah as a shield? Priceless. He’s a gentleman that one.

– Awesome scene with Elena attacking Meredith and then consoling Matt. Go Nina.

– The Damon/Bonnie hug was extreeeeeemeley satisfying.

– Loved the camera focusing on Elena as she blocked out all the voices and gained a moment of clarity.

– Where’s Katharine? She better be back in the next episode. Don’t tease us writers.

– Damon putting his hand on Stefan’s shoulder was a really great moment for the duo.

Vampy Zingers

Damon: Unless you’re a blonde, Bennett witch, or doppelganger, I suggest you stay clear.

Damon: You are creepy.
Rebekah: Thank you.

Must Download Music
Family by Noah Gundersen

Heartbreaking and powerful, this was one of TVD‘s strongest episodes ever.

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