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Grey’s Anatomy 9×16 – This Is Why We Fight

"Now give your momma a kiss Jackson; she just bought you a hospital."


I can’t remember the last time Greys produced such a hilarious ending. Can Catherine Avery be a cooler character? Seriously I kind of wish she positioned herself as hospital chief (hopefully that might still happen at some point now that her foundation in charge). Nevertheless, her putting Avery on the board is a brilliant development and I can’t wait to see how our doctors will react going forward. Kudos Greys for keeping the momentum moving nine seasons in.

I enjoyed watching the gang pitch the hospital but it felt bizarre to see them out of ORs for such an extended period of time. Still I guess it was an intriguing change of pace and it’s always satisfying to see them work together for a common goal.

Owen thankfully now knows about Christina and the gang’s plot which was also a welcome development. I really didn’t want any forced drama between these two so it’s good to see Yang reveal the truth to Owen and not drag this out for weeks on end.

Grey Banter

Bailey: I’m short so my punches land low.

Bailey: Dr.Grey left me a hopeless patient. Might as well have left me a pillow to smother her with.

Bailey: I’m the heart of this damn hospital.

Must Download Tunes
Never Gonna Let You Go by Esthero
Mountains by Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn

An amusing transitional hour.

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