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The Walking Dead 3×11 – I Ain’t A Judas

"I didn't realize the Messiah complex was contagious."


Getting better but still not explosive enough.

I wanted so much more out of Andrea’s reunion with the gang. It feels like we’ve been waiting too long (since the season two finale) for it to be this unsatisfying. Don’t get me wrong I was entertained by this episode, but I thought it would be a tad more powerful. I guess this proves that the writers effectively messed up Andrea’s arc this year and didn’t develop her nearly as well as they should have. Why exactly is she so attached to Woodbury? Is she really in love with The Governor, or does she just want to protect the people? It’s all so muddled and I do hope the writers can clear up her motivations. And how did Glen and Maggie not reveal to Andrea that The Governor almost raped Maggie? I’m sorry it just seems too convenient of the writers to stretch out the drama some more by hiding this plot point. I’m sure that revelation alone would have stopped Andrea in her tracks.

One aspect of Andrea’s return I did enjoy was her and Michonne finally having a heart to heart. The latter has been much too silent all season long so it was good to see her blast her friend for choosing a “warm bed” over her. Now if only she knocked some sense into that brainless blonde.

How funny was Carole here? I loved her suggesting that Andrea should give The Governor the best “night of his life” before slicing his throat. The advice was both unexpected and hilarious. Of course Andrea had to struggle with that too and ultimately decided not to go through with the kill. Again, this feels like it should have been a poignant moment for the character but it just fell flat. A pity.

Zombie Bites

– Merle back in the group was way too easy. Shouldn’t they be more afraid of him?

– I did love Andrea getting an update on all the dead members (Lori, Shane) as well as meeting Judith and being in shock at the sight of a hardened Carl. My dear you’ve missed quite a bit.

– I like Tyrese and his group joining The Governer, although we could have gotten here in a smoother manner (less Rick shouting like a psychopath).

– Beth singing was a very odd way to end the hour. Musical montages on The Walking Dead? Hmm…

While this hour could have been superb, it settles for being an enjoyable albeit slightly disappointing hour.

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