Nikita 3×12 – With Fire

"Oh Nikita. You have no idea what's coming."


What a dark and powerful hour of Nikita . Well done show.

The terrorism layer added a genuine dose of real-world horror to the spy shenanigans this week. From the horrifying grenade in the elevator to that farmer’s market shooting, Nikita really managed to unsettle me this week while continuing to position Amanda as a force to be reckoned with. I do hope Mandy doesn’t take any more weeks off from the show because whenever she’s on-screen, I’m on the edge of my seat.

And Ari’s back! Peter Outerbridge has always been a standout player on the show, so it was a joy to see the sinister Gogol operative again. The supervillain’s attachment to his son provided a welcome dimension to the character, as I actually found myself quite sympathetic to his plight. The flashback with Nikki sparing Ari’s life seemed random at first, but I loved that the hit was really a test on Amanda’s part, who has always been one step ahead of our heroine.

Last week, the show drew some fascinating parallels between Nikita & Ryan’s relationship as compared to Amanda and Percy running Division. I’m glad to see the duality continued this week as we got to compare Nikita/Michael versus Amanda/Ari in terms of a more romantic relationship. The latter duo are a twisted couple to be sure, and a perfect embodiment of how this “business” can corrupt and destroy any semblance of love. And now that Michael and Nikki are settling on a wedding date and place (thanks to Ari), it’s creepy to think what trials might befall them. The touch of blood at the end wasn’t very subtle, but has me sufficiently eerie of the future.

Maggie Q was exceptional this week. She really sold Nikita reaching her breaking point through her interrogation and torture of Ari. From removing the engagement ring (the last shred of her humanity) to suffocating Ari with a plastic bag, the entire storyline was harrowing yet undeniably engrossing to watch.

Bits & Bullets

– Badass flashback with Amanda turning on Ari and stabbing his henchman. Still not a fan of Melinda Clarke’s short hair.

– The terrorist videos were a chilling touch to the hour. I especially loved the narration about anger transitioning into Nikki viciously beating up Ari.

– Gorgeous shot with Nikki punching Ari in slow motion with her bloody hands.

– Epic moment with Ari making fun of Michael’s hand, only for Nikki to try and chop off his.

– Not too sure what to make of the Alex-Owen-Sean dynamic. Is there a love triangle brewing here? Or will Alex and Owen always remain platonic? Hmmm.. Nevertheless, I did enjoy Alex opening up to Owen about the butterfly tattoo as Sean listened in.

– I liked Alex saving the day by shooting the terrorist-chick in the suburbs. A little fight scene wouldn’t have hurt though.

– Awesome moment with Birkhoff unveiling Selim’s face only for Amanda to blow his brains out on a live webcast.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: 50 million? Dollars not monopoly money?

Nikita: What does Amanda get by helping a bunch of terrorists?
Ari: Why does Amanda do anything these days? You.

Alex: Are you telling me that Shadowbot is not up to the task?
Birkhoff: Bite your tongue princess.

Nikita: (to Ari) What are you waiting for? She ruined you! Let’s bury her.

Alex: Owen Elliot – Designation: third wheel.

Nikita: I’m here to protect the innocent. The difference is I’m not gonna lose myself in the process, because if I do – Amanda wins. And I’m not gonna let that happen.

An absorbing and downright haunting hour of Nikita.

Nad Rating

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  1. Nikita laughing at Ari's $50 million deal: “Dollars? Not Monopoly money?” is my FAVORITE Nikki quote of all time! Maggie Q's delivery of this line is priceless! God I love this woman!

    And I'm so annoyed by Amanda's short hair hahha. It's also frustrating why she hasn't been on this season as much. Still, she was particularly disturbing here and her presence made this episode one of the darkest and most haunting ones yet.

    I quite liked the blood drop at the end. Very ominous. So, I'm guessing Michael dies before the wedding? How awful is that, though? I kind of doubt the show would go for something THAT horrible.

    This is shaping up to be one of my favorite seasons of television ever. Seriously, the cast could NOT be more epic right now. With Owen, Ryan and Sean now in every episode, Nikita is firing up on all cylinders. I cannot wait to see what the back half of this incredible season has to offer!

    And I cannot believe I just watched TWELVE episodes in one day. Holy moly I need to go to BingewatchersAnonymous

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