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The Good Wife 4×15 – Going For The Gold

"You can not dress up as a peasant here."


The Good Wife‘s last outing was a stunner, and while this episode didn’t live up to the mantle, it was still a nonetheless enjoyable hour.

I think I’ve made it quite clear that I’m seriously in love with Elsbeth Tascioni. The character is a real standout and I’d really love it if Carrie Preston became a permanent cast-member on the show. Her “relationship” with Josh in this one proved to be highly amusing, as Kyle MacLachlan really knows how to play the charming sleazeball to perfection. However, I was admittedly confused by Elsbeth and Eli’s machinations as they tried to use Civil Court to screw over Josh in Federal Court.

Speaking of Eli, this was a great hour for the character, particularly with regards to his friendship with Peter. The two have a real bromance and it was undoubtedly satisfying to see Peter so thankful of his hard-working campaign manager for once. The hug was a moving bookend to a subplot that was a long time coming.

I do hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of Maddie Hayward. The Good Wife does this sometimes; it hire an awesome talent and kind of squander their potential in the long run. Let’s see if she disappears or stay around to bug Peter some more. I quite enjoyed their debate and the various tactics both used.

And finally, the highlight of the hour: I’m loving Alicia in a management position. It feels like such a fitting evolution of her character and I’m excited to watch her further acclimate to the role. It’s altered her relationships at work and I’m particularly amused by the new power dynamic with Carey. The guy obviously used to see himself as her equal, and now he has to sadly take orders from her. It was extremely satisfying to see Alicia finally accept her power at the end and give Carey a harsh, direct order. More of this please.

Cases & Bits

– Alicia and Will both sneezing in front of Diane was highly amusing. Who knew one make-out session could have such ramifications?

– Hilarious scene with Elsbeth and Josh over Indian lunch as he fawns over her “pillowy” lips.

– Jackie was a very welcome addition to the episode. From mentioning “jewish stuff” to bringing up her stroke to save (?) Eli, I haven’t been this amused by her in a long time.

– I’m bored of Amanda Peet. Will something happen with her and Will after that failed pitch?

– Diane annoyed me this week, sucking up to Peter by role-playing Maddie and bullying Alicia.

– I loved the old judge bullying Josh throughout.

– Does this episode have the best title or what? So damn fitting.

– Could Peter ever run for President? Somehow I doubt a man who’s solicited a prostitute would ever win but crazier things have happened and Alicia as the First Lady is a mindblowing notion.

Good Lines

Elsbeth: Don’t you have a plan?
Kalinda: I don’t plan.
Elsbeth: Ooh you’re a crazy woman.

Frank: He knocked away the keys from my hand.
Elsbeth: (dramatically) Oh my God he knocked out your keys?!

Nothing special, but still an entertaining hour of The Good Wife.

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