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The Walking Dead 3×13 – Arrow On The Doorpost

"Great, he brought his butler."


No other shows gets under my skin like The Walking Dead.

The Governer offering Rick and the gang safety in exchange for Michonne is just beyond twisted. The even more disturbing facet is the very real notion that Rick just might agree to the deal. I truly hope Rick doesn’t go through with it or we’re going to have a severe likeability problem where he’s concerned. We’ve all seen what the Governor is capable of so I shudder to think what he’ll do if he gets his hands on Michonne. Nevertheless, this makes for some undoubtedly excellent drama.

Speaking of The Governer, I have to reiterate that David Morrissey is doing an utterly phenomenal job this year. The season has been an exceptional showcase for his layered performance of a Big Bad I’ll be remembering for a long time to come. And that eye-patch? Doing wonders for his sinister demeanor.

Finally Andrea is becoming a bit more bearable. She at least tried to get proactive here by initiating the meet between Rick and The Gov. Of course the woman had to revert to her dumb blonde tendencies at the end by returning with the sadistic leader but I’m hoping it’s because she plans on finally screwing him over now that she knows about Maggie.

Zombie Bites

– Beth stopping the fight between Glenn and Merle with a gunshot was badass and so very unexpected.

– Loved the Walker’s head exploding via bat-smash.

– Maggie and Glenn’s sex romp felt very raw and dirty (and fitting of the show).

Must Download Tune
Warm Shadow by Fink

A compelling episode that capably sets the stage for the season’s final hours.

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