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The Good Wife 4×16 – Runnin’ With The Devil

"Can you believe it? They might convict me for the one thing I didn't do."


As always, Lemond Bishop adds an intriguing dose of moral greyness to The Good Wife. Having our crew (and Alicia in particular) defend him consistently provides the show with some fascinating material and this hour was no different.

A lot of this episode’s awesomeness is thanks to the casting of the brilliant Wallace Shawn as Charles Lester – Bishop’s favorite attorney. The guy is an extremely likeable presence yet still manages to imbue the role with the necessary sleaziness. He’s definitely someone I’d like to see make further guest appearances.

Another highlight of the hour was the introduction of one of Alicia’s college nemeses. The two got to have some excellent sparring moments particularly as the ASA berated for Alicia for “selling her soul”. How would Alicia have reacted if one of her own kids was threatened? Really juicy stuff here for Margulies to chew on.

Carey also had a great hour this week. Not only did he (probably) get to have sex with Kalinda, the ambitious little shrimp also tried to solicit Lockhart-Gardner’s clients. I can’t wait for the moment when he eventually ditches the firm and branches out on his own. I do hope he convinces Alicia to jump ship as well and season five turns into an all-out war between the juniors and seniors.

Cases & Bits

– David Lee bullying and making fun of Alicia during partner voting was highly amusing.

– Adored Alicia fighting back at the ASA and telling her she thought absolutely “nothing” of her. I love it whenever Julianna Margulies gets to fight dirty.

– Awesome continuity with the Colin Sweeney reference. I miss that psychopath.

– I’m very intrigued by Robin the new investigator. Her dynamic with Kalinda is already hilarious.

– Very Weird ending with Bishop being freed and Alicia’s shocked reaction.

Another week, another strong hour of The Good Wife. This season is really turning into a great one.

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