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The Vampire Diaries 4×16 – Bring It On

"Be honest. You like me better like this."


I sure do! In its last episode, The Vampire Diaries rebounded from a terribly disappointing season with a phenomenal, gut-wrenching hour of television. I’m thankful to announce that this episode proved to be an excellent follow-up to that masterpiece.

I wish Vampire Elena was always this badass and unapologetic. Turning off the humanity switch (a concept I still find lame) produced some extremely entertaining results and I continue to be immensely impressed by Nina Dobrev’s performance. Her sarcastic, manipulative ways in this hour reminded me of Katherine, but with just enough slight differences. Kudos Miss Dobrev, you always manage to exceed my expectations. From attacking Liz to “stretching” on Stefan, this Elena was a hoot to watch on every level.

I particularly loved her abuse of Caroline who has been extremely annoying lately. I was shocked when she dropped her during the routine, and pleasantly satisfied when she practically beat her to a bloody pulp in the forest while criticizing her for constantly whining over useless Tyler. I’m telling you this hour had a lot of wish-fulfillment aspects to it.

It was also quite compelling to watch the Salvatore brothers deal with Elena’s current situation. I was intrigued by the notion that Stefan felt guilty over turning her into a vampire (what with all the body counts she’s been racking up) and the fact that he owes her since she never gave up on him at his worst times. Damon on the other hand believes taking her to New York might solve things. I can’t complain, I’m dying to see what next week’s adventures in the Big Apple will bring!

Bits & Bites

– Pretty great teaser with Elena mercilessly attacking a random woman and feeding on her.

– Loved Elena walking in naked in front of the Salvatore brothers and saying it’s “nothing they haven’t seen before.”

– Elena sucking the cheerleader dry while ripping off her ribbon was pretty brutal huh?

-Phoebe Tonkin (who plays Haley) is a horrible actress. She and Klaus are definitely enough reason for me not to tune in to The Originals spinoff.

– Does anyone else want Caroline and Stefan to get together already? Elena sure looked nervous of that possibility and I’m extremely intrigued.

– Awesome moment with Elena telling Caroline she fights like a girl mid-beatdown only for Damon to grab her while admitting the whole fight was a “turn-on”.

– So Silas is gorging on blood? Guess he’s going to be bigger and badder than ever. Let’s pray he’ll take on a different form next time because Shane is painful to watch.

Vampy Zingers

Damon: I can’t believe you’re making me say this but “show a little restraint.”

Damon: Please, for me, no matter what… don’t eat anyone.

Elena: So you’re grounding me because I dropped Caroline on her thick head?

Elena: Don’t compare me to Katherine. She’s been running for so long she’s afraid of her own shadow.

Elena: By all means Caroline, take him out for a spin.

Elena: (Threatening Liz) Either you have a drink, or I will.

Must Download Tunes
Control by Garbage
Anymore Of This by Matthew Perryman Jones & Mindy Smith

A captivating hour, this was an excellent return to form for The Vampire Diaries.

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