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Grey’s Anatomy 9×17 – Transplant Wasteland

"Can your mind be blown on your own time?"


Ah I’ve missed Grey’s Anatomy and this was a pretty great return for the show.

Avery is really growing on me. I never really found him to be the most intriguing of characters but having his mom throw him into a position of power proved to be highly entertaining. Although the gang was a bit too harsh and ungrateful to the guy after his mom saved all their asses, it was fascinating to witness their egos react to his new position. This made his eventual rise to the role all the more satisfying, as I especially loved his final speech to the gang culminating with his suggestion of naming the hospital “Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital”. Very touching gesture indeed.

Can I reiterate for the zillionth time how much I freakin’ adore Catherine Avery? Debbie Allen continues to be an utter standout in the role, deftly balancing the role’s sternness and inherent likeability. Her relationship with Webber is seriously my favorite coupling on the show and I can’t get enough of them. I would have loved to have had her as the Chief of Surgery but I get the necessity of keeping that position for Owen.

And finally, we got some insight into Derek’s mindset with this one and it was pretty compelling. The guy obviously hasn’t forgiven Owen and has been lashing out at him for quite a while now (as Christina pointed out) so it was interesting to see him finally reveal that he’s actually mad at Mark for leaving him. I’ve forgotten just how integral to the show Sloane was (and Lexie since we’re talking about the fallen) so it was a welcome development to see Shepard open up. I would have liked a bit more time spent on that aspect though as the final scene with him and Owen cut a tad too abruptly.

Bits & Scalpels

– Pretty awesome tension with Meredith and Avery as she bluntly reminds him of Lexie’s death.

– Brilliant scene with Owen and Avery shouting leading into an all-out screaming match with Derek ending with Owen shockingly quitting.

– The two old guys fighting about hand-me-down hearts was very entertaining.

– April reading out the list of people who would be saved thanks to Hazel’s son really broke my heart.

– Who would have thought Bailey would back up Avery barking out orders at the team?

– Loved Meredith telling Alex to drop the attitude. He can be such an annoying peasant sometimes (most of the times actually).

– Hazel crying over her son’s lifeless body was harrowing but immensely powerful.

Grey Banter

Catherine: (to Webber) There’s only one room in which I take orders from my boyfriend. This is not it.

Meredith: (to Joe) You don’t have to teach me how to speak Alex, I’m fluent.

Jo: He’s hurt.
Meredith: Or he hates you.
Jo: Thanks.
Meredith: You’re welcome.

Must Download Tunes
Distant Shouts by Little Children
Go First by Rose Cousins

Quite engaging, this was a very solid episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

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