Revenge 2×16 – Illumination

"I can handle anybody who operates in subterfuge, present company included."


I’m not sure how I felt about this one. It had some intriguing elements, but it just never really came together as an exciting, cohesive whole.

I get what they’re going for with the introduction of Eli James, Amanda’s foster brother, but the guy really annoyed me. I hate it when writers introduce obstacles in a hero’s path that are this forced and obvious. I don’t think anyone doubts that Emily will handle the pest within the next couple of episodes and he’ll be on his way. If he turns out to be more significant in the long run, I’ll be impressed. Still I don’t find myself interested in learning any more about him which is a shame.

The Grayson are becoming extremely unlikeable. Yes they’ve always been horrible people but the show always managed to keep Victoria a tad likeable and sympathetic. It was much more compelling when Victoria would at least display regret or guilt over what they did to David Clarke. Now she has no problem creating a foundation in “honor” of his dead daughter and using it to hide their money (until Emily gets to it at least). Neither she nor Conrad have any redeeming factors at the moment which is really lazy storytelling in my opinion. It’s easy to paint a full-on villain, but crafting an antagonist with shades of grey? That’s fascinating.

Much like his parents, Daniel has become utterly tedious to watch. The guy keeps making the same mistakes over and over and it’s made him a frustrating character to root for. He knows how evil and despicable his parents’ tactics are, yet he keeps going back and acting surprised when they hatch another dastardly plot!

And the ending could not have been cheesier with the introduction of the “the myth, the legend, the Falcon!” Seriously? The only way I’ll forgive this turn of events is if Emily finds herself on the warpath again with the red pen of doom which I’ve greatly missed.

Vengeful Bits

– So young Amanda was a pyromaniac? Hmm… that sure adds another dimension to last year when she burned Mason Treadwell’s house down.

– Aiden’s home sure is damn spectacular.

– While Jack is getting sneakier, I still don’t find myself very interested in his machinations.

– No Padma (or The Initiative) this week Hallelujah!

– Is there a love triangle brewing between Charlotte, Eli and Declan? Do we care?

– I did love the flashback of David Clarke giving Nolan the Infinity box. He really did trust that geek with everything.

Devious Delights

Nolan: Check out faux-bro climbing Mount Grayson like it ain’t no thang.

Emily: Let’s go hunting.

A terribly disappointing hour of Revenge.

Nad Rating


  1. From next week's promo, it looks like the red pen of doom is coming back 🙂 and apparently we are in for some shocking news…

  2. Finally 🙂 I need my Revenge to rock again. Scandal is totally kicking its ass this year as the strongest show on television.

  3. i got good news for u they said that their going to wrap up the intiative storylines in an episode and eli wont stay for long so he will be gone and plus im sick of people comparing this show to scandal. scandal and revenge are completely different shows and premises. but however i do agree with u about this episode i think that they shouldnve not introduced that brother

  4. I do hope you're right about the lame Initiative and Eli.
    As for Revenge and Scandal, they might be very different shows, but they both started out the same year and they're both the two biggest TV obsessions I've had over the last year so OF COURSE I'm going to be comparing them. (Not to mention they're both ABC shows, and that's a network that has a very specific template formula for its shows which you can tell by just comparing Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives (two dramadies that are just awesome).
    As far as I'm concerned, Revenge had a much stronger debut season than Scandal (although it was much longer), while Scandal is completely obliterating Revenge this season with its twisty storylines and lack of useless subplots.

  5. if u go on wetpaint it will tell u everything and plus padma is leaving because it said that nolan has to say good bye to spoiler meaning its padma. they are wrapping the intiative josh bowman the guy who plays daniel said in his latest interview that they will wrap up the intiative storyline. i agree sure this season isnt as strong but lets just hope that it will get back to the basics

  6. true but scandal only had 7 episodes in its first season which didnt have the chance to shine last season while revenge had 22 episodes last season i think probably since the premise of revenge technacally a one season thing the wrtiers probably didnt know what to do with it in its second and in order to expand the show since on abc required to have 22 episodes the writers thought by throwing in a lot of subplots it will last much longer but i think revenge couldnve better of on a channal that contains shorter seasons

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