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The Walking Dead 3×14 – Prey

"They deserve what they got. They weren’t human to begin with."


The Walking Dead sure is terrifying isn’t it?

Horror movies rarely work on me, but the entire sequence with the Governor stalking Andrea had to have been one of the most chilling and suspenseful things I’ve seen in a long, long time. The shattered glass, the Walkers popping out from the darkness… the entire thing was a masterclass in tension. Sure the writers did a complete 180 with Andrea in this one, as she’s suddenly more hellbent on taking down Phillip than ever before, but I guess there’s no other way they could have salvaged this arc after completely decimating her character this year. Nevertheless, at least she picked her side so we can finally root for her properly.

The Governor continues to be utterly despicable, and this hour was a pretty excellent showcase for the Big Bad. It capably set the stage for the finale and I’m quite horrified at the thought that he now has Andrea tied to that ominous chair (what an epic and harrowing final shot). I can’t even begin to imagine how many will fall by the time the finale comes around.

Zombie Bites

– While I appreciate the fact that we got an Andrea/Michonne flashback, I wish it was more revealing. So Michonne’s family weren’t the nicest people before they were zombified? That’s it? The writers wasted an excellent opportunity here to add a ton of dimension to the present.

– Loved Andrea fighting off Tyrese and whatshername to leave Woodbury.

– Even The Governor chasing Andrea with his truck made me a nervous-wreck!

– What was up with the tune The Gov was whistling?

– Magnificent moment with Andrea brilliantly releasing a hallway of Walkers on The Governor. Girl’s got some brains after all.

– The visual of the burnt Walkers really made me sick. Milton is obviously responsible huh?

– I seriously gasped out loud when The Gov grabbed Andrea seconds before Rick could spot her. And then not telling the people of Woodbury he had her? So darn evil.

A frightening and skillfully-executed episode of The Walking Dead.

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  1. Loved this episode so much (I'm binging this again)! Andrea used to be my favorite character in the first 2 seasons but I've started hating her recently. Thankfully she's easy to root for again.

    I have to say The Governor might just be one of my favorite TV villains ever. What a terrifying creep that makes my blood boil without having to do much! And the final shot: WOW absolutely chilling.

    Enjoying these reviews as I watch! I'll probably comment more often now as I go and hope I finish this show soon!

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