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666 Park Avenue 1×13 – Lazarus (Series Finale)

"There is a price to pay for the thing we want the most."


And we’re finally done! It’s unfortunate really but even though the series finale has come and gone, I won’t miss 666 Park Avenue one bit. This was one catastrophic disaster of a show.

When the pilot went into production last year, I was beyond ecstatic. The premise of the show was brimming with spooky potential, the cast was top-notch, and ABC had proven themselves at producing high-quality television. So imagine my disappointment when the pilot proved especially underwhelming, and further episodes ended up being even worse. When the show predictably got axed by ABC, I had high hopes that the writers would pull out all the stops and go out with a bang. Sadly, that was not the case.

The finale was obviously a product of a season’s worth of ideas jumbled together to provide some sort of closure. The hasty writing was most evident with the introduction of Jane’s estranged father in the last episode. Our protagonist’s relationship with her dad obviously meant a lot to her, but this was something we were told instead of shown. Here we discovered daddy was insane thanks to his deceased wife cheating on him with none other than Gavin Doran! I have to say that was probably the only worthwhile “twist” the show ever effectively (sort of) pulled off. It didn’t feel as poignant and earned as it should have been, but it at least added an interesting dimension to the preceding episodes. I almost feel like rewatching and checking for any clues that the writers were indeed thinking that far ahead. Of course Jane seemed to gloss over the fact that Gavin murdered her mom but the real meat of the story was Jane striking a Faustian deal with Gavin.

And so the show conveniently jumped one year later to show us that Henry won the election, and Jane was pregnant with what we can only assume is the antichrist who will bring hell on earth. It’s a dark and somewhat disturbing note to end things on, and I’m admittedly impressed that the writers went there. Sure Jane’s whole goth look at the end was a tad forced, but it felt campy enough to fit the tone they were going for.

I do have one final beef with the show though: why in the hell did they cast Vanessa Williams, an actress so talented and wonderfully complex, and give her absolutely nothing to do? At least give the woman something epic in your SERIES finale. It boggles my mind and if they couldn’t see the potential they had in her, well then I guess the show was doomed from the start.

Sinister Snippets

– Pretty nifty visuals with Jane almost drowning and then rising out of the water in slow-motion.

– How can I not discuss the trials of Louise and Brian disposing of the body? Absolutely horrid television. The two continued to talk in exposition and behave like utter idiots. Thank God Gavin trapped them in those walls at the end. Couldn’t he have muted them too?

– Jane hugging Gavin as her dad went all trigger-happy was a very bizarre moment.

– Are we supposed to suspect that Henry killed the councilman?

– Nona was really tacked on in this hour. I had forgotten she even existed.

– I was extremely amused when Henry got shot. He has to be the most boring lead I’ve ever watched on a television show.

Ultimately, 666 Park Avenue rarely presented itself as anything more than passable, trashy entertainment. The elements were all there for one hell of a terrifying, engrossing experience. However, much like Ringer last year, the show effectively squandered all of its potential and proved to be a misfire on practically every level. A true pity.

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